Extraterrestrial Bass(Inside the UFO)

Started by .:DJ Droppin:., August 29, 2010, 01:37:02 AM

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.:DJ Droppin:.

Extraterrestrial Bass(Inside the UFO)                    Extraterrestrial Bass(Inside the UFO)                    Extraterrestrial Bass(Inside the UFO)

Very Sci-Fi. Visualize that you are an Alien flying inside a saucer over the Earth's atmosphere. Cruising over the mountain, pass the deserts, through the canyons, and above the cities watching the human race. Multiple layers, melodies, intricate sounds, piano, and slow, deep bass.

I hope you all like it. :)

Duration: 4:44

Made with Sony PS1/MTV Music Generator 2000
(c)2008 .:DJ Droppin:.
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If there are aliens out there, this is the catchy stuff they'd dance to lol. Excellent stuff mate!
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Master Dutch

ha this is cool Rob. Like some south central XFiles shit...Great work as usual bro. Love that bass.


wow, dis is amazin.  those sci-fi sfx sounds great, da melody is very catchy, and (of course, ur specialty) dat sick ass bass.  great track.


The beginning of this sounds doctor whoish then is goes all x-filey very atmospheric excellent bit of synthersized music. Really enjoyed this..

DJ Eddy

Amazing fx going on in this track and that sub bass is really heavy and is dieing to be played through sub woofers..
Liking the hi hat and snare on this one and that strange synth in the background and the panning synth blips give it the spacey feel for me..

Great music m8....Cheers 

Fear 2 Stop®

Awesome stuff as usual...this is going on my mix cd for my Easter drive ^_^
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Da5t3r is totally write on the money for me with intro here...VERY Doctor Who.
The synth section @ 0:34 is just freaking awesome...just so catchy and has this amazing groove.
You talk about gems Rob...this is DEFINATELY one of yours.
Amazing work mate.