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Started by .:DJ Droppin:., May 13, 2008, 11:36:04 AM

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.:DJ Droppin:.

Well I am technically not new here, but I saw this thread and wanted to say hello and say thanks a lot for creating this site.
My name is Rob and I am from Gresham, Oregon which is only blocks away from Portland (Hey Gruvenheimer, not so sure you're the old man around here Lol). I have been interested in digital/techno bass music since 1991-1992 when it really first became popular. I use a Sony Playstation and MTV Music Generator. I went through a phase in the late 80's early 90's from listening to predominately rap and metal, to bass music. It was the first time I heard a system and a copy of Techmaster P.E.B. - Bass Computer easily one of the greatest albums of the era. Myself and some friends then quickly got interested in our own system, creating our own subwoofer enclosures. After hearing about every type of bass music there was I really wanted to create my own. Then the day came.... The day had arrived. MTV Music Generator is created! It has been a huge part of my life ever since. There simply has not been a better, more user friendly music program created since. (At least not that I am aware of) The rest is history.... I like nothing more than sitting down creating some beats, or low frequency bass to pass the time. Well I look forward to listening to everyones music in the future.

- Rob

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I'm glad to see you around :)

To be honest when I started this site I expected about 12 people to join since this was pretty much how many ppl seeme dto use mtvmg on Youtube when I opened the site, I didn,t realised that many people were still using those programs

147 crew

Hey Rob, wanted to find out again what program you used as I forgot. MTVMG1 so same as me then..how you get so many samples in there? Is that having them playin externally over your tunes or do you not save the file once finished?

Glad you joined here as the BASS is BIG!!!


Actually what I found is that when you loaded in load of samples, changed some, etc, saving the song progress, clearing song in options menu then reloading song again leaves you with more free sound memory. Either he might be using that trick, either he might be using a lot of 11 and 22 KHz samples, which in some cases, can be useable too and not have too bad quality if pitched up really high, or else he probably did like with one of his song and recorded some channels separately and then merged all with Audacity

.:DJ Droppin:.

Thanks Omnimaga and 147. Glad I joined here also.

Some of my songs I strictly use the MTVMG1 samples at 22khz.
Other songs I use voice samples off the Internet and use Audacity to incorporate them into the song after during recording the track to my PC.

Any ideas why I can only do so in MONO? I hear some of your songs (and others) in stereo. Is that because they are using the Ps2 MTVMG2/3? Just wondering. I really lack that crisp clarity and I need it badly.

Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin


Mhmm some of your songs were actually in Stereo too O.O (like Cosmic Sphere), but if you still have problems my suggestion is to use an adapter like this and plug both red/white ends of your ps2 cables to it instead of the TV. Then plug the 3.5 mm end of the adapter to your computer microphone port, then you should have stereo sound, unless your sound card really blows

.:DJ Droppin:.

Yeah  :D a few of my songs are in stereo because I took 10+ hours recording each individual channel in Audacity, then lining everything up correctly.

Hmmm I have looked all over for that adapter and even our local Radio Shack didn't have one. I guess I could take another look. Thanks for the help though.

Oh, and I am pretty sure my sound card sucks balls !  ;D
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin


aah I see, that must have taken a while x.x

If I ever have to use Music 2000 on my PS2 instead of emulator (if I need to rip samples from CD, which the emulator won't let me do) I will have to do the same due to the playback problems on the small PS2 (some percussions being missed)

On another note I must be the only MTVMG3 user here O.O. I rarely ever use it though, I only made two songs with it and soon 3, out of like 65 total, about 55 being from Music 2000