The Saw-DJ Eddy

Started by DJ Eddy, March 22, 2011, 04:10:42 AM

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DJ Eddy

Finally got my hands on Fruity loops.......
Only got it today so this is something i made straight away. Its not amazing just a muck around really.

Casper AudioGhost

sounds pretty badass for a first attempt on fl-like the panning wobbles and the vocoder-like dj eddy shout-ur about to blow the fk up m8--u got the song structure skills-now all u need is to experimemt with vsti's n effects and find yer tricks n sound-i foresee all kinds af brilliant electronica in your future--go for it
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DJ Eddy

Thnx Casper m8....yea i need to start mucking around with it maybe watch a few tutorials..Im still gonna make a few songs with mtv progam tho..Still got a lot to learn. =)


Indeed very good for a first try on FruityLoopoes. A bit Pendulumish.

Nice hihat and synth work.

Fancy doing some work together with FL mate?

DJ Eddy

i would love to not 100% used to it tho...

Let us know when u wanna do something, im well up for it.

.:DJ Droppin:.

DAMN..... First? .... Love the sound you've captured here. I think you've grasped it pretty good, FL that is. I have FL 9, but am stubborn to work with it. lol. Nice work.
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You know when you just listen to an intro of a song an you have that wonderful feeling it will kick ass...just got that feeling.
VERY damn near turned into Rob Swire writing this. It just...reeks of awesomeness. I love the synth melody , the big hard hitting drums...hell I love all of it. Such an amazing groove to it. For a muck about , the result was pretty awesome.
Hope you continue to make music on Fruity Loops aswell mate. Excellent.

DJ Eddy

thx for the listen and comments

Fear 2 Stop®

Good job...I've tried to use FL and had difficulty. Better than anything I could do as of now, for damn sure.
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