Nazband, You're gonna go far kid (offspring) on music 2000 for playstation 1.

Started by Nazband, July 29, 2010, 10:02:45 AM

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Hi, this is Nazband. Sorry for my bad english and i don't know if i am in the good section but i want to share with you my new creation.

I specialized in recreating music (<- This passage is translated with google, sorry about that) and this is the new song i've "recreated." No doubt is my best best recreation =).

Enjoy, and sorry if i'm not in the good section.

s p a c e b a r

great recreation-  ive seen your stuff on youtube -  i really like the mario and gerudo valley tunes - i grew up playing those games
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DJ Eddy

Awesome stuff....
loving these recreations ur doing..
keep up the great work


That was great.
I'm not a big punk fan but this is one of the few songs I like.
I'll need to visit your youtube page an see what else you've got.
Hope you do more.

Master Dutch

Großer Job Nazband. Ihre Erholungen sind immer getanes ausgezeichnetes. Danke für das Teilen Ihrer Musik und die Verbindung unseres Forumbruders!


Thanks to all.

Master_Dutch, no offense but if you want to speak to me... Please, do it in english T_T. My natal language is french, not german and i don't understand any word in your sentence.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Hey man great job replicating this song. I know a little of Offspring's music and this was really quite spot on.  :) Welcome to the Forum also.
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