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Started by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, April 02, 2011, 06:04:55 AM

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Damn, it feels like I haven't posted up anything in ages (been busy trying to finish a shit load of my beats that i left as samples).  But finally I'm back with more sick shit.  Btw...I'll start back commenting on other posts later on today, cuz right now I'm sleepy as fuck.  But anyways, enjoy!! 


Listening -

Woah...the awesomeness begins. That noise - it sounds like a hellhound growling or something. The drums are just signature Zodiac brilliance as are the pads , synths , sfx and the infamous demon keys. You'll have to excuse me Z for not typing as much I find the track taking all my attention at the minute.
This was wondeful Z certainly going into my list of faves from you the flow and the groove it had just from the assistance of the sounds you used in the hi-hats was brilliant.


thanx knowlesy...glad u like it.  btw...ive been making music like a madman (i finished 19 a couple weeks ago, and worked on 4 new ones last week) so expect to hear a whole lot more from me.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Yep the growling stands out like WHOA.... The snare reverb hit is just perfect.. Minimal hats percussion... AND the clangy melody... Your trademark. Clang clang bang bang yo dead dead. Love the beat man.
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DJ Eddy

The Growling kicks ass m8...Outstanding beat and yea that snare sounds really good m8.
Brilliant eeryness to the pads n strings and the background Sfx is amazing..


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Spot on! Excellent effects and a genuinely spooky atmosphere.
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