The Berylizer - DJ Gift (Breaks/Breakbeat)

Started by ArcaneFuture, June 14, 2011, 10:14:44 PM

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Okay, the first tune from my (unfortunately) still forthcoming 2nd album. Due in 2003, but has suffered the... er... odd delay. Will be finished soon. Honest.
Anyways, big growly bass-driven track written around 2001/2. (Has anyone else ever found/used the ahem interesting vocal sample used?)

NB in case you were wondering, the track is named in honour of a lady I worked with at the time. She was really nice when you got to know her, but a kind of formidable woman!
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture


i kno i say this all the time, but dat drum work is some killer shit dude.  incredible production...that synth and bass melody is bad ass, and i also luv wat u did to that vocal sample.  this track is too damn sick.


Your generous feedback is gratefully received, cheers, dude!
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture

DJ Eddy

That bass is proper banging the way u add bits to it as the song goes on.
Beats and percussion is top dog dude...Love that bassline that kicks in at around 2.10.
Like what Zodiac said this track is fecking sick m8!!!..


Thanks, Eddy!  ;D Quite proud of this tune - although I often wonder if the 'laughter break' is really a good idea!
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture