'The Palace That Was Never Discovered'

Started by RSCONCEPTIONS©, February 05, 2011, 02:27:25 PM

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Anyone remember how there was that lovely, emotive tune in Sonic The Hedgehog 2? Here it is:

Ya it was to be the theme to the scrapped "Hidden Palace Zone" level.

Check out my attached remix :D

Not a Number

Y'know, I could just guess from the title alone that it was a reference to Sonic... just for the wrong reasons.. :P (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the title was a reference to what I thought it was a remix of :P)

Onto the actual track itse-WOAH, 9:23? I'm staying around for this one.

0:00-1:18 :: Beautiful intro; really sets the scene.
1:18-2:12 :: Teasing us with snippets of the melody, interesting way to build it up.
2:12-3:55 :: There's the melody we know and love. :P
3:55-4:47 :: Again, teasing us with snippets.
4:48-6:02 :: Good way to break it down, doesn't make the song seem like it's going on forever.
6:03-6:25 :: Again, feels like a new section.
6:25-7:17 :: Again, there's that melody again. :) Nice buildup too..
7:17-8:09 :: Was kind of expecting a more dramatic breakdown to happen here, to be honest the previous bit was building up and building up and then.... nothing. :-/
8:09-9:01 :: There's the breakdown I was looking for. I like the way the purcussion fades out at the end of this bit.
9:01-9:23 :: Nice way to end the tra-HEY WHERE'S THE REST OF THE MUSIC, SONG. D: Yeah, it kind of cuts off suddenly mid-loop, might want to sort that out.

Overall, pretty damn good. A couple minor flaws towards the end, but nothing too detrimental. Should totally consider submitting this for OCReMix. :)
Personally, I would've put a bit of compression over the song, just to bring the levels up, but that's just me; I like my tracks dead on 0.0dB most of the way.


:S This keeps happening, when I take a track into Audacity and fade it out, when playing back in iTunes it just cuts the end from the point I faded it out! So irritating! Should actually be 9:55.

Thanks so much for the detailed review NaN! Really appreciate it!
That breakdown was intended to come after an extended build up. Do you think it works where it is? Or should it have come sooner?

Regarding compression! I am really struggling with it - trying to work it out for each track I produce. I used the basic Fruity Compressor and used the preset "Complete Mix" setting. Which turned it up. Because I can't work out how to do my own settings and it's driving me mad :'( I tend to sit there and get impatient and just want it done quickly, I don't take the time to properly learn.

Then from there I take my tunes into Audacity and do a little technique I learnt from a site - normalize the tune (which actually ends up turning it down  :S ) - then adding a High Pass filter with the cutoff frequency being 60hz. Then I try to doing further compression but I don't really know what I'm doing.

If you know about compression please help me because I am going out of my mind with it :( makes me feel like getting that perfectly levelling is just out of my reach and that I will never get my tunes perfect. When loading someone else's tune into Audacity (a commercial tune I mean, such as Oceanlab's Clear Blue Water) it all looks mostly level except for the parts of the tune where it is just ambient pads and no epic drums/synth/bass. But in my tunes the levelling looks all over the place? Do I just suck at levelling or do I just need to take more time to learn compression???

Pleeeeeeease help :'(

Thanks again for the review - I am really pleased you like the tune.
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