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Title: Choppage in FL Studio
Post by: JCW on September 02, 2009, 05:45:40 PM
This is a video I did a while ago on slicing up breaks and rearranging them, features an early preview of the 'Amen Tester' track, hence the title. To get a break ready to chop, right click the break sample and click 'Open in new Slice X channel.' This will dump it into the Sound Sequencer, from there right click it and click Piano Roll. On a side note, if your beat pattern seems a little jumpy when you've chopped or playing it back, click the little arrow, then Tools > Quantize. This squares up all the notes and cleans it up.


After this was made another user came through with a video response showcasing the crash element of the Amen break, he seemed pretty upset I left it out of mine lol but I don't ever use the crash to be honest. His video can be found in the video responses if you're interested. This works with any break as well, not just the Amen.

Definition of 'Amen' for those who are wondering: The 'Amen' break is a 6 second drum loop sampled from the old funk track 'Amen, Brother' by The Winstons. It is the most often used drum loop in Jungle and Drum & Bass history.