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Keeping a promise to Zodiac, here. This is a song that I've held back for a little while, partly because I think the mix might be a little bit... I don't know what the word might be... eccentric? I kinda took the framework of the original and threw whatever I thought might sound cool at it a'la Jackson Pollack to see if it would stick. What I ended up with is a mishmash of synth, overdrive guitar, pizzicato strings, and synthesized wind effects. I also tried, and ultimately failed, to get the synth lead in the chorus to sound right, so I scrapped it entirely. I've been wanting to find a multitrack of the original so I could place the vocals into the mix but, alas, it doesn't seem to exist. Also, just so you know, I DID sample the iconic snare sound for this track, but everything else is original.

Anyway, I hope you all like.

Ooh, as an after thought, this is the first track I've managed to record strictly digitally in it's entirety. I happened to remember that my PC has a digital S/PDIF input built onto the motherboard and, somewhat of a surprise to me, I can record from it through the software that came bundled with my Soundblaster X-FI Fatality card. True digital, baby!  ;D
So, I'm kinda noodling around with something pretty epic at the moment, but it's giving me a hard time, so I thought I'd dig into the archives and bring out something old. Well, it doesn't get any older than this for me. This is the first track I ever worked on in MG1. Some of you will recognize that the main riff is one that existed in MG's prebuilts, which is why I can't take full credit for it. Still, it's interesting to look back and see how far I've come, creatively. I kinda enjoy the old-school Robert Miles vibe this track has going, too.  ;D
Not real sure where to post this, so I guess this seems as good a place as any...

So, I have a good friend who happens to be an amazing songwriter by the name of Chris Everson. (He also uses the stage name Vinegar Williams. You can look him up on Facebook, if you're so inclined. He has some great tunes.) He plays guitar and sings. So, one day he's playing for me a few songs and sketches he's recorded on a little Sony voice recorder. One song, in particular, catches my attention and I'm immediately inspired. I ask him if I can do some work around it and he grants me permission. I begin work immediately...

A year and a half later (like two days ago) I find the old recording on my hard drive. Lots of work, retooling, timing out, and LOTS of time with Audacity, and I finally finished it yesterday! (I actually began work on this song before I moved from NY to CO, and before I even discovered TIMGUL.)

This is going to be different than the things you've heard from me in the past. The voice and guitar is all Chris, everything else was produced on MTV Music Generator, then recorded, multi-tracked and tweaked with Audacity. This was especially tricky because the original recording was not timed out on a metronome. I had to use a fake guitar track I previously created (which is not in the finished song) to time out the original recording one... bar... at... a... time. Long process, but I'm really proud of the results.

The song itself was written about a friend Chris knew in school who commited suicide. It's called Byron.

Good to be back! :)
Drum & Bass / Coordman: Relative Theory (Drum & Bass)
September 10, 2010, 03:43:17 AM
And now, for something completely different...

This represents my one and, thus far, ONLY foray into drum and bass territory. The bass is heavy, harsh, and starts immediately. So if you have a subwoofer, watch the volume. I originally produced it for play in my then best friend's car, which sported a 20" sub.
And now, for something completely different...

This represents my one and, thus far, ONLY foray into drum and bass territory. The bass is heavy, harsh, and starts immediately. So if you have a subwoofer, watch the volume. I originally produced it for play in my then best friend's car, which sported a 20" sub.
Here is the prog metal project I've been working on. This is easily the heaviest thing I've ever created. I'm really happy with the results.

The careful listener might notice a subtle tribute to Slipknot toward the end. ;)
Rock/Metal/Pop / Coordman: Windows XP Intro (Rock Version)
September 02, 2010, 12:47:25 AM
This will be fun. ;D

So, I was bored on some slow Saturday a while back. I turned on my PC and got annoyed. It's configured differently now with Windows 7, but back then I had XP all modded out to look nice and slick with a custom theme and rotating backgounds. Everything LOOKED the way I wanted it to. But when I would turn it on, XP would load up with that boring old John Tesh piano bit. BLEH. It needed a change. :D

If anyone out there is still using XP, feel free to steal this if you like. But since I can't upload .wavs here you'll need to convert it back. Audacity wil do the job nicely. ;)
So, in my introduction thread I mentioned a remix I made for a band. The band is called Junkbutton. They're out of Buffalo, NY. I used to work in the same Sears and their bass player, Joe. Nice guy.

Anyway, Joe invited me to one of their shows one night and I got to hear them play. Decent band. Lots of energy. One song stuck in my head and I couldn't get the damn thing out for like a month. Long story short, I asked Joe if they'd like a remix and, while they weren't really into it (and would eventually decide not to use it), it's still one of my favorite tracks in spite of the bad sound quality (again, crappy recording equipment at the time) and lack of vocals. I'll post the original too. (Free publicity! Please don't sue me! LOL) ;)
I guess while I'm posting things, I'll toss something original out here to show that I'm not only all about covers. ;)

This is called 10 Second Dream and was my first attempt at creating believable rock guitar. Hope you like!
So, I suppose I should dive in by posting a project I worked on a few years ago. I never actually finished this entirely. I got stuck on a string part and just never ended up returning to it, although neglecting it is something that bugs me from time to time and I'm sure I'll end up finishing it someday.

It is a complete (almost) re-creation of Silent Lucidity by Queensryche. There is no multi-tracking involved. It was all created the old fashioned way on MG1. Enjoy!
Introductions / Hi folks!
August 30, 2010, 08:31:26 AM
Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, but I've been a Music Generator user since it first came out on the PS1. I've goofed around with it a lot, created more doodles than anything else, but I have a few gems in the rough that I may feel compelled to share.

More than anything, I'm hoping to learn some techniques to "up my game" so to speak. When I do record, I tend to route directly from my PS2s audio outs to my Soundblaster Extreme Gamer FX Fatal1ty card, and does a pretty clean job. I use Audacity to EQ and clean thing up. I've been considering using the same prog to multi track. Anyone have any experience with sampling? Thoughts on memory conservation in that regard? Great to hear I'm not alone in still using MG1. :)
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