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Ok unfortunately I could not find a WAV version of the songs above, but I have a 320K MP3 version of GTTM Trance Remix

And if you want to have a go at metal, I also have this track:

Both were done in Music 2000 for the PS1, by the way.
Actually I still got the old banned somewhere. The problem is that with this version of SMF, everytime I update the site version I have to overwrite the files then run an install package, while with SMF 1.1.13 I just ran a script via the admin panel. As a result at one point the banner got replaced with the default SMF logo.

I kinda liked the old banner because it showed every version of MTVMG in it, plus it also mentionned what the TIMGUL slogan meant :P (The International Music Generator User's Lounge).
Yeah the issue is that a lot of people here are either past their student lives or close and some even got a family. It can be hard to keep up with new forum posts and tracks and there are people like me who have multiple hobbies besides music, cutting down time spent here. In my case I hardly even produce anymore. :(

One thing I would suggest is do like I did back in 2007: Put a link to TIMGUL in all your Youtube videos and when there are people who got MTVMG tracks on Youtube that are recent you should maybe invite them through the comments. This would maybe help bringning some extra new members around.

Another thing I thought about for the past few months was to merge this site with my other forum, which already has a music section, so everyone here would potentially get extra hits, but the problem is that I think a lot of attachments here are remixes of copyrighted songs, so I don't think my other hosting provider would like... (Stuff like Dirty Talk HHC Remix, which are hosted on Mediafire/Youtube and linked on the site, however, would be fine).
Hmm do you accept multiple ones?

In my case it would probably be something like Grooving to the Melody, Dark Abyss or Quest for then Legendary Axe, although if you only do dance/rave music, the latter is out of the question.

Unfortunately I don't know if I still got WAV versions of these songs, but I might have at least 320K ones.
Techno/Trance / Dark Eurodance
April 11, 2011, 06:21:00 PM
A song I started in Early 2009, which went on hiatus for one year, then got half-finished, then went once again on hiatus until 2011.

It's a simple song with eurodance elements. This one was made using the crappy MTV Music Generator 3: This Is the Remix software (I prefer MTVMG1/2000 by far x.x).

I included a 128 and 320k version.
News and announcements / Zero post accounts and spam
March 27, 2011, 05:27:55 PM

In response to the recent wave of spammers registering on the forums, we have setup an host name and IP black list from which it is no longer possible to register. Also, due to almost all new member accounts with no posts being spam accounts (coming either from the new blacklisted hosts or having signature advertisments), we have decided to delete all member accounts with no post. From now on, every month all zero-post members that signed up at least 30 days ago will be deleted.

Since member and admin activation is unreliable (activation e-mails not being sent all the time and bots still getting through), we won't go with these measures, although we might eventually try to install another anti-spam, assuming we can find one that works on this hosting provider.

Sorry for the inconveniences this might cause.
I like this, especially after 1:12. I was a big fan of that Metroid song. :D
Hardcore / Return From The Forbidden Lands
March 27, 2011, 06:53:30 AM
Return From The Forbidden Lands

A japaneese-style UK hardcore song that I started in late 2009 after finishing the 2009 remix of Unknown Truth from the Forbidden Lands. I stopped working on it for over 1 year and now I just did some final retouches as I didn't plan to make it any longer (this was not meant to be a long song due to the style).

(Attached MP3s below, because I closed my music dl section from guests on the other site and I had a 320K version to upload)
Other interests / Re: what it do!!!
January 29, 2011, 05:03:22 AM
Holy necropost batman! O_O
Other interests / Re: Who has Myspace?
January 29, 2011, 04:50:05 AM
THose are common. Later they can add spam to their signatures.

On my other forum I got an anti spam that blocks these and members under 1 posts cannot edit their profile nor send PMs. I should maybe edit this forum to do the same, but I can't add the anti-spam because it doesn't work on this server (I can't move TIMGUL to my new host because it's too large due to all MP3s)

It's best to report spambot messages, so staff can ban or delete them, in case later they flood the board with junk ads or send viruses to members.
As you remember, I recently talked about the possibility that TIMGUL and Omnimaga websites move to a different hosting provider. Finally, I have learned some things about hosting providers that made me change my plans a little bit. Let me explain:

Those companies like 1and1 (the hosting provider TIMGUL used since its opening), Hostgator, Yahoo, Surpasshosting and Dreamhost that offers extremly high storage capacity and bandwidth (sometimes, even unlimited everything) for like $4-5 a month are known to the hosting world as "oversellers". 1and1 gave us 120 GB of diskspace and 1200 GB of bandwidth for $4.95 a month with two free domain names. However, there is a catch: they do not really give us this much bandwidth. Those hosting providers promise their customers with almost unlimited features to lure them, but if all those customers were to use this much space at once, they would go bankrupt. They simply lure customers this way because they know they are low budget people who will not even need this much diskspace. As a result, they host about 1000 websites per server. If many of those sites get busy at once, the server cannot handle the load and throw us a nice 500 Internal Server Error, forcing us to wait a few seconds and try again. Now what if one site in particular used way too much ressources compared to the others? Well... those hosts usually have one-sided contracts allowing them to disable parts of your site that take too much load or even terminate your account! I did not know that when I bought this hosting plan, but even if I knew, I did not expect TIMGUL and Omnimaga to ever get busy to that point. However, Omnimaga eventually went close and I was suggested to look for a more high-end hosting provider if I was planning to use more ressources in the future. However, a high-end hosting plan that would offer enough bandwidth and diskspace for TIMGUL would cost too much money and in our case it would be a dedicated server or a high-end VPS, which requires very good computer knowledge, something I am still not very good at.

So here is what happened:

-Omnimaga has been moved alone to a high-end shared hosting plan, which provides enough bandwidth per month for the website alone in long terms. It also provides more than enough diskspace for it (the site is 2.75 GB large).
-Initially, my plan was to merge TIMGUL with Omnimaga, integrating all TIMGUL posts, song, attachments and members in the other forum, but TIMGUL is simply too large (about 10 GB in size) to survive on the new host in long term. Also, Omnimaga, due to its nature, cannot be upgraded to SMF 2.0 in short terms. However, TIMGUL doesn't generate as much traffic as Omnimaga, even with music downloads, so as a result, it will remain on 1and1 with no danger of getting shut down due to server load abuse.

So basically, both sites are now hosted on separate providers, each of them suiting both site needs accordingly (1and1 is better for diskspace, but not for bandwidth usage). With TIMGUL alone on a large capacity host, this allowed me to remove the 10 GB attachment cap on music attachments, so when the attachment folder will hit 10 GB, you will not get an error and will not need to delete old files. Hopefully, the migration of the other site elsewhere might improve TIMGUL performance as well.
Oh wow I remember now. It sucked you couldn't upload/download x.x. I run another forum and I have heard about this issue  a few times afterward. I guess it is amazing that SMF 2.0 finally reached something useable on a real website. One year ago, I installed 2.0 RC1 here and it was a major hassle. Then I attempted an update to 2.0 RC1-1. It destroyed the database and the database backup, causing TIMGUL to lose about 3 months worth of posts and shut down for one entire month. Afterward, I decided to never upgrade again until it's safe and we had to stick to v1.1.11. In the past months, I saw on SMF site that almost everyone was switching to 1.1.11 and they had no issues with RC3, which has been out for months, so I thought about giving it another try on TIMGUL, since TIMGUL only uses the default SMF theme. (On my other site, I will not switch yet because I use custom themes I made myself and many mods that would break if I upgraded) I am happy this update was successful.

I do not like the new theme as much, though, because I was used a lot to PHPBB, InvisionBoard 1.3.1/2.0.x, MyBB and Ikonboard style, but I guess it should do the job fine until I find alternate themes. Most of the ones DJ Droppin installed a while ago won't work on 2.0 RC3.

I'm glad this solved your problem at least :)

Btw I'm still learning how to use SMF even after 2.5 years. X.x Did you guy know that the icon located above the Report to moderator link is an inline post editor? It lets you edit your post without loading another page. However, it may not work in all browsers. The thing, though, is that I just discovered this a few weeks ago D:

SMF is a nice software, but there are many hidden features x.x
News and announcements / Database and software update
October 10, 2010, 02:40:50 AM
We have upgraded to MySQL 5.0 and SMF 2.0 RC3, which fixed a few of the forum errors. This version of 2.0 is much more stable than the one we tried one year ago, but I took a backup before upgrading, in case.

Unfortunately I could not find a SMF 2.0 rendition of the SMF 1.1.11 theme so the site looks very different now. However, I might be able to reinstall some new themes at one point, when I get more free time.

Also some forum members had posts that were not assigned to their account. This was fixed.
Other interests / Re: SMILE YOU OLD BASTARDS!!
October 10, 2010, 12:31:12 AM

EDIT: Fixed :P

(somehow, a MySQL database update from 4.0 to 5.0 fixed this topic :P)
Aah cool thanks for the info. I wasn't sure if this was MTVMG PS1 or PC. I mostly use the PS1 version because reverb is stereo instead of mono and I get less crashes but MTVMG PC can do amazing stuff as well. Nice remix.

Also another thing: I recognize that face in your avatar from the Tsuopiamush Stepmania song made in MTVMG a few years ago. Do you happen to be the author of that song by any chance? I liked it back in the days. I was glad to see a Stepmania song be made in MTVMG
Discussion / Re: TIMGUL on Facebook?
September 17, 2010, 07:49:03 AM
It might be a nice idea. One issue though: we should disable the discussion on FB, to encourage members to post here instead, so activity remains up. It would give TIMGUL (and MTVMG) more visibility
Ok I happened to pass by (I've been kinda out of the music thing lately) and landed on this song.

That made my night. Absolutely awesome remix and I love how well it came out with Music Generator. Did you import the song in MTVMG or did you use a software to add the external sample from CD? It really sounds great. Everything goes well together and I also love how you managed to integrate some of the pre-made riffs in it (Blue notes, if I remember? I haven't used them in 7 years).

Also it is one of my favorite style of music ('90s eurodance). It immediately went on my iTunes playlist along with many eurodance stuff there. When I listened to it it felt like I was back in 1995.

Nice job!

I really need to check the music section more again at one point...
You probably noticed that TIMGUL website has suffered more downtimes recently, especially during afternoon and sometimes during night (Eastern Time), throwing you intermittent "500 Internal Server Error" messages that usually goes away after a second, but happens every few page load, hindering posters. Well, not only this is happening, but 1and1 hosting provider also started reducing the quality of their PHP support on their shared servers, causing one of our anti-spam to stop working, making the registration process extremly slow due to the website not being able to connect to the Stop Forum Spam database anymore. In addition to that, the other forum hosted on this package has a database of about 40 MB, which is only 60 MB below the 1and1 DB cap of 100 MB per MySQL databases.

My guess about the downtimes and PHP features disabling is that either 1and1 services are getting lower and lower in quality, or the other site is simply too demanding for the hosting plan anymore. In other words, there are chances that we may be switching to Surpasshosting soon. This also means that in the meantime, both sites will have to deal with spambots again.

During October, there may be some periods of downtimes that will last several hours, should we switch hosting then. The duration of the downtimes would depend of how well and successful the hosting move occurs.

Thank you for understanding.
Seems like a good idea to me.
News and announcements / Re: ADMIN CHANGE
August 08, 2010, 04:46:26 AM
I think I saw a rating system somewhere on SMF official website. I forgot if it was for SMF 1.1.x or 2.0, though. I agree it may be abused, though, if a troll was to join and rate every song 1 star, though. On Youtube the rating system was already abused.

Another thing I have on my other website is an individual post rating system where you can rate people comments up or down, like the old Youtube comment rating system, except each comments could only be rated once by the same user and the total amount of votes showed up as the person's Karma. Usually, people will rate up project updates and helpful comments and rate down useless offensive remarks. However I doubt this is needed on TIMGUL given the comments positiveness or helpfullness, plus on my other site it got abused once by a troll who rated 400 of my posts down. We kept it though because it seemed to discourage people who are more rude from being as rude to not get rated down and sometimes we get 400 posts a day so it would be hectic to moderate otherwise. As I said, such system would not be needed on TIMGUL. A topic rating system enabled in the songs section would maybe work, though. I'm unsure. People may just rate the track up and not post, decreasing the site overall activity.

On a side note I just noticed TIMGUL had the most active July in its history. Check the board stats at the bottom and compare July 2008, 2009 and 2010:
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