Not Another Fucking Hardcore Remix

Started by DJ Omnimaga, July 04, 2009, 12:47:22 PM

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Well I finally got some inspiration to make a new song, and this is what I got. Unfortunately it has been so long since I made a UK hardcore tune so I'm a bit rusty. As for the song title, I chosen it because at one point I stopped listening to pretty much any UK hardcore tune because almost everything were remixes of older tunes (no offense to anyone producing remixes, as a lot of them are good), sometimes with just new sounds added over a pitched up song. Most are good but I always seen a lack of originality in UK hardcore. However, at the same time the song title can mean that it's yet another remix in some ways, because as you will notice, the song has the same chord progression as Grooving To The Melody. Anyway this might not be my greatest song, since I am more into eurodance and happy hardcore producing rather than UK hardcore, but you can listen anyway below either at Youtube or uploaded file:

EDIT: This is a Music 2000 track, btw