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Started by pillagemyvillage, February 16, 2008, 11:32:59 PM

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whats your rating?

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music is just awesome!
the first music programme of the series was very good.
i was one of the first to buy it and spent hours making (rubbish) music!
you can see alot of faults in the programme but it was a great platform for music 2000.
i was excited when this programme was released because i could make my own music the way i wanted which is exactally what i wanted through my late teens when i started listening to trance!


I didn't voted since I didn't tried it, but it seemed pretty good, just with less samples/riffs/sound channels and different interface. Some people prefer it to Music 2000 even. I guess a 8/10 would go  for this one if I vote

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I voted 9 because its the only program that i use.  :P  
I am The Unforgotten.


Me too :D .
But I vote for 10, because it is my the most favourite game ever.
...let the music flow through your vains...


I am sorry for the term game I have used in previous topic so far. ;)  
...let the music flow through your vains...


nah dont worry this is ok :) some people are used to say this because it was released on a game console :) I even myself refer to Music 2000 as a game sometimes. It'S true that it has a jam session feature though


...let the music flow through your vains...


7/10, like Music 3000.

I just got this game and tried it (on emulator, since it's PAL only and NTSC Playstations here won't run PAL games), and it really reminded me Music 2000. The interface in overall looks very nice compared to Music 2000 and MTVMG2 and, altough the controls are quite different than Music 2000, they are easy to get used to. Also, the game shows what each keys does when you do stuff, so you don't need to refer to the manual all the time. Of course, if it's the first music program you ever buy, you might want to check the manual first though, like with pretty much all other Music programs from Jester, except MTVMG2. Also the premade riffs are quite good, altough in the end you will want to use your own riffs. THose who like to mess around with videos will be happy. MUSIC has 16 video channels. This is a lot more than what Music 2000 had. Also, you can fast forward during song playback, like in MTVMG2 (I have no idea why this feature is not in Music 2000). However, as it is the first program in the series, it lacks some features from the more recent ones in the series. Also there is only 16 sound channels. Being the fact that samples are mono, you will get an hard time using my stereo trick in it with so few channels, since it was alerady challenging to fit your song in the 24 channels in Music 2000. Also, playing riffs, loading them, loading/saving songs/videos, takes an insane amount of time to load compared to other programs. Also, since the videos appear in a box in the song editor as well, you might want to do your video AFTER finishing the entire song, because like other music programs featuring video features, it lags when you scroll the screen while there's video riffs around, so you might get annoyed at slow song scrolling speed sometimes. Despite of its flaws, Music is almost as easy to use as Music 2000 and you should be able to make quite quality stuff in it if you want to. If you're from North America good luck finding the game though, as it was never released here. You will need to get the PAL version and use it on emulator, unless you imported a PLaystation 1/2 from Europe.



I got this way back in 1998 and fell in love with it right from the start. Easy and fun to use. I also bought Music2000/MTVMG as soon as it was released in 1999, but I actually preferred the original Music for several months because I was used to the controls and userface. However, it didn't take long before Music 2000 became my favorite, but Music is still great. It gets a 9/10 because its the one that started it all and it was fun, easy and a powerful tool for its price and time.


MUSIC is awesome! It's almost as good as octaMED was on the Amiga. It's intuitive and quick to learn and create. I love it.

Does everyone know that this works on a PSP too (as long as you have cutom firmware running)! You can make shed-loads of music on-the-move and just record it to PC from the head-phone jack!!!

Great news for PSP owners - just managed to get Music to work on my PSP - MTV Music Generator and other PSX music software will work too! My favourite Music Creation Software just went portable, yay!!

1- Install custom firmware (warning - voids warranty and may damage the PSP if not careful) (I'm using CFW 5.00 M33-6 at the moment)
2- Rip an image of the Game disc (or download as a torrent, as you own an original copy)
3- Convert the image into an eboot.PBP (or download as a torrent, as you own an original copy)
4- Place the eboot into the PSP>GAME folder of the memory card

It will even run the WinUAE "Amiga" emulator too so you should, hopefully, be able to run octaMED on it with the samples stored on your memory card. lol (good old days!)
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