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Started by pillagemyvillage, February 16, 2008, 11:37:46 PM

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whats your rating?

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-1! lol!
i was very excited when this was released. i thought it would be a step up from mtvmg2...
i then found that you cant actually make your own music. no samples from the previous programmes and no riff editor to make your own music.
therefor all you can do is arrange pre made riffs... how exciting.  :blink:  


From what i remember i heard some people say there is effectively a riff editor in the program. I even seen a video on Youtube a while ago showing someone pasting notes in a riff. However idk how much flexibility it offers. All I know is that you have to use the samples in one of the 10 artist you ahve to base your song on. You can record/insert your own samples and the sample editor is very good apparently though. But it's so unflexible for the producers that I would give it a 3/10


from what i remember i spent a couple of (frustrating) days trying to make an original piece of music. but i couldnt. you cant simply pick a sample and make a melody from it. you can only go with all the pre recorded samples.  
therefore you can only arrange a piece of music not create and arrange a piece of music.
a couple of years ago i used to use a couple of pre made riffs on music 2000 and mtvmg2 and maybe change or draw inspiration from them.
but now i prefer not to as i like to make my own tracks. with mtvmg3 you cannot do this so i really didnt like the scope of it at all!


i heard somewhere on a french forum that the riff editor only allow you to use a very very small selection of instruments and I doubt it includes percussions. So if you want your own samples melodies you must record them and then it cause massive problems with the tempo, which needs to be adjusted properly

MTVMG3 is definitively just for DJs and people who prefer remixing tunes than making their own. Sometimes I wonder why I even have a MTVMG3 section on this forum, considering the forum is more aimed at producers :P


QuoteFrom what i remember i heard some people say there is effectively a riff editor in the program. I even seen a video on Youtube a while ago showing someone pasting notes in a riff. However idk how much flexibility it offers. All I know is that you have to use the samples in one of the 10 artist you ahve to base your song on. You can record/insert your own samples and the sample editor is very good apparently though. But it's so unflexible for the producers that I would give it a 3/10
I think you mean my video you have seen. ;) Oh about MTVMG3, no its actually not that bad as some say. In fact its really awesome once you get used to it. I like it because it has the best record mode on the riff maker. Record mode does not work well in other music generator games at all. I say that because in previous music generator games on record mode, you will have to time it right. If you miss, it will really screw up some of your notes. So in this one I like to have it where the cam doesn't scroll down and mess you up. Its that much easier.

Also ripper mode, I never use ripper at all in my songs. The first music takes up alot of space and MTVMG2 didn't have ripper mode. I am not a fan of taking music or sounds from other CD's.

Also MTVMG3 it not all about remixing, you really can make your songs. But the part that really disappointed me about MTV MG3 was the fact that you can't make your own video, I like making video with my music and thats what makes the music games really shine. Oh well. In a way I almost gave it a 10, but it gets a 9 from me. So its not a bad music game at all. I do love all of the music generator games equally, except for digital hitz factory or music 3000 (I think thats what some call it) which I did not like at all.


does it have lot of bugs like most others Music games? Like in 2000 and 2 sometimes it crashes, in the 2nd sometimes saved song get corrupted and in 3000 lot of riffs gets missed during playback

I think in MG3 you just need to get used to the less apparent music creation tools, hidden by the DJ remixing stuff, which Codemasters has focused on for this one, and the fact if for example you start a trance song you can only use trance riffs and samples (unless you rip some of them off).

I still like MG1 as my favourite so far though, due to the easyness. Only thing I dislike is the small amount of channel and the limited sound memory. In my two last songs I filled up all channel and had to alter the song at some point by removing some riffs due to lack of channels


ok time for review, since I finally got this one too!

So, after MTVMG2 release, Jester parted way from Codemasters and both made their own music programs. Codemasters continued the MTVMG brand with MTV Music Generator 3: This Is The Remix. However, the game title describes pretty much what is is about and Jester not being involved in the developement of this program is really noticeable, really really really noticeable, maybe in a few good ways, but mostly in very bad ways.

The good points of MTV Music Generator 3 are the easy to use interface and controls. Altough controls changed in this program (once again), they are easy to get used to, and most people will be able to make a song with MTVMG3 within 4 hours of use if they have some music knowledge. In fact, my first song ever in it took me a bit less than 4 hours, while it took me over 6 in MTVMG2 and Music 3000. Also, Jester not having touched this software developpement, MTVMG3 seems bug free, unlike all their own Music programs. Also, the reverb effect are stereo, like in Music 2000/MTVMG2 and you can adjust the delay too. There is also better filters and better sample ripping options. Also, samples goes pretty well with each others. But now here comes the problems, and what make this program much more inferior to the other previous releases from Codemasters and Jester's Interactive. First of all, when the game starts, you are prompted to choose between 10 artists, and when entering studio mode, you can only use their sound samples and riffs to make your entire song. You cannot even add samples from multiple artists at once. As if it wasn't limiting enough, the tempo can be only set within a certain range for specific artists. For example in my song it could only be set between 127 and 147, and increasing/decreasing it pitch up/down the song, so you need to go back to edit all your riffs one by one afterward. Also, if you want to make your own melody riffs you can only use certain samples per octave, plus there is only 3 octaves. In percussion mode you cannot change the note pitch. There is 3000 sound samples total, the same amount than MUSIC and Music 2000, but none of the MTVMG1 and 2 samples are there, and this total of 3000 can be divided by 10 considering you can only use one artist sample at once (about 300 for each artists). The worst part is that only a few samples are avaliable for each melody octaves (5 for each, approximately), you can only hold a maximum of 20 custom riffs for melodies and 20 custom riffs for percussions in the song and they can only be one bar long. This makes it impossible to create long chord progressions or use multiple custom melodies at once and your song will end up quite repetitive if you make it too long. Also, there is no way to make your own basslines, so you need to make a melody riff using low octave and using one of the few bass samples (depending of the artist you chosen) there, making the 20 riff limit even more restrictive. The premade bass riffs (green) have practically no chord progression at all, altough they are sounding quite good, so unless you're going for some kind of hardstyle track you're screwed. Changing note volumes is a chore and very restrictive, as there's only 8 different volumes, making a nice long snare roll impossible to do. There is also no way to clone riffs, no note enveloppe, and all options such as reverb, note pan, reverb, delay, volume, reverse, etc, can only be applied per channel. This might make your song quite hard to dechiper if you use a lot of effects in your song. Fortunately, I did not get memory errors in this program, but again, how can you max out the playstation sound memory with such limitations?

I personally made one song with it, since I try to do one with almost all programs I try, if I am able to even make a song at all, and it might be my last MTVMG3 song, unless I decide to venture into acid house or acid trance, or to mess around with the other artist samples to see what I can come up with, using as less premade riffs as possible. Personally you might have some fun if you're into acid techno or acid house, but you will get bored after a while, unless you decide to remix the artist tracks present on the program, which wouldn't be too original.

I only bought this to add to my MTVMG program collection and it was $8 at Ebay. Else I would have never bought it and probably brought back at the store if I bought it locally.

4/10 Get MTVMG1 or 2 instead.


hmmm it seems i was too harsh with my judgement.
after listening to what omni has done with this programme i would give it a better mark.
i was giving it a bad mark in the first place due to buying it, thinking it was gonna be better than mtvmg2 and then found it was a very different programme.
i guess thats all it is... a very different programme!


Well I still give it a 4/10 personally, because it's so limited compared to the others. Having to stick with maybe 10 melody samples per song and about the same amount for percussion is kinda akward. Not to mention 20 melody riffs lol

Basically if you want to make a song without using any premade melodies and basslines or drum loops you're very limited in term of genres.

There's some other quirks in the program as well. I noticed some premade riffs gets out of sync during playback if you start playing the song later, especially drum loops and when you reload a song from memory card, for some reasons sometimes it sounds different, idk why

The good thing about this program is that the fade in/out options are more powerful than in any previous mtvmg softwares. Basically you open channel settings and there's a dynamic option for every parameters, which allow you to edit the enveloppe of each by adding control points across the entire song. I started using this extensively in my last song and it gives nice results, especially the "filter" parameters, which cuts treble the lower it is set to, so you can have harsh sounds fade in less harshly or stuff like this.

Also when placing notes or riffs what I like is that you don't need to keep pressing the paste button for every riffs, just move the cursor while holding down X to place serie of riffs lol XD, lazy myself :P

Other than that it's really hard to make anything decent in it if your music needs a lot of samples and have complex melodies

Still better to use than the PC versions of Music 2000 though, which got 2/10 from me
However, that's pretty much the


MG3 IS MY WIFE!! now i admit, the whole "putting together premade riffs" (which i NEVER EVER do...except for my old work) and the hella limited melody grid sucks shit covered donkey balls.  and thats where the ever so sexual RIPPER and WAVES options come in at.  thats y i made fl studios (the free trial version) my bitch lol, cuz ill just make a few riffs in there , put em on mg3, then tell FL "fuck off till i need u again"; but i more so make my own sfx (either weird or creepy) using audacity.  like ive said before, u really really REALLY just have to fuck wit it for it to work the way u want it to. if i had a video capture card, ill post up a video of wat i mean. btw...i have no idea y i gave it a 10, it deserves more like an 8/9.3.


I purchased this and tried my hardest to get some good sounding work out of it but I just couldn't get past the commercial aspects considering the program had a few good points. Im a MTVMG1 fan. This version was no where near as intuitive.
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