Trip Pirate

Started by Unforgotten Village Idiot, January 10, 2010, 11:15:38 PM

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Unforgotten Village Idiot

Hey, hows it going. I only vanished for half a year this time.  :P
How have you guys been? I myself have been pretty good. 2009 was a shitty year, but 2010 is looking good so far. *knocks on wood*.
Well, I'm still working with FL studio. But i have upgraded to FL studio 9. ( From 8 )  :P
And here is a short song I made by the name of Trip Pirate.

How many of you remember my Pissed Off Robots song from like 2-3 years ago? Well, my music nowadays is based around Pissed Off Robots. I use robot vocals in all my songs now. (Example is this song). And i just finished a new cd today actually called "The Ballad". And this song is off that album.  ;D

Artist- Erik Holmstrom / Pissed Off Robots / U.nforgotten V.illage I.diot.
Album- The Ballad
Album Year- 2010
Song Title- Trip Pirate

ps: since i've been gone so long should i post a new introduction?  ???
I am The Unforgotten.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Hey man it's been along time.

Pretty experimental, futuristic themes to this one.
Has a bit of an electro sound to it, well at least to me.
Definitely like the section from :53 to 1:04, then the transition to the beat is nice.
Great synths and voice samples especially the reverb selected.
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space.

Unforgotten Village Idiot

Yeah, my specialty is electro music.  :P
Yeah this has to be one of my most creative songs so far. It was fun to make.  :D

I should put some more of my songs on here.
I am The Unforgotten.