Happy Thoughts (Happy Hardcore)

Started by DJ Eddy, March 28, 2010, 02:03:25 AM

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DJ Eddy

A happy upbeat hardcore song useing MTV Music Generator Club Edititon.


i think this track would go down well on the dance floor,got me movin and shuffeling,i love that back beat, when it drops off and then just bangs right back in there after a few bars,


I would be genuinly surprised if you couldn't make money off of this stuff. It's that good.
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I wish i could make my stuff this clear. Please tell me your secret man! You are bloody awesome at this!
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You got a knack Eddy for making things sound so pro . My older is a big happy hardcore and plain hardcore ( dunno if thats right ) dance fan an I used to hear this pump outta his room on weekends...basically , long story short...if you played that along with what he played on those night I would never know the difference.
Well done.
I agree with Danthrax though...you should hold , like...a class to teach your production techniques.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Wow.... First :30 and it's already very good. So much going on, yet so clean sounding. Fast, uplifting vibe. Production is pure class, real quality. Melody arrangement is precise. This song is indeed "Happy"
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DJ Eddy

Cheers lads.....Yea i like this tune, i was in a happy mood so made a happy song lol..
Thnx for the comments...
Oh and for classes lol ..i dont think im that good lol

Fear 2 Stop®

QuoteOh and for classes lol ..i dont think im that good lol

I think you are ;)
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