Fighting on (Vocal Happy Hardcore)

Started by DJ Eddy, April 19, 2010, 03:11:10 PM

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DJ Eddy

Had a crack at useing some of the vocals to make a happy hardcore song.
Made usein MTV Music Generator Club Edition
Id say this is my fav 1 ive done.
Plz Leave a comment on wot u think.
Thnx ;)

Fear 2 Stop®

This is TIGHT! I love the panning effects...catchy yet never cloying melody...very good use of the vocal samples. I wish I could do a song like this...I'm going to try, because this inspired me.

Great job...I always love the tracks you upload, and this is no exception.
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Casper AudioGhost

this is simply brilliant-extremely inventive melody-this is an amazing track catchy-realy amazing panning on vocals like billy said-i WiLL want to include this in the next unsigned show i do-possibly in late may or june-top work   casper
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dj on

DJ Eddy

Thnx so much for your comments its always nice to know people like it.
Also im very chuffed that it can inspire u Fear 2 Stop thats probly the biggest compliment ive had cheers mate, makes me wanna make alot more.
Thank you Casper im over the moon you think its good enough for your unsigned show.


I'm noticing a trend of you doing some brilliant stuff with Synth samples. Every one of your tracks has some brilliant synth work in it.
I'm loving the vocals, too.
Fabulous Pony Eurotrance™


This is freakin brilliant man!! I wish i had your skillz!
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Wow man , what to say about this that has'nt been said.
Original catchy melodies , amazing sythn and I gotta agree with Danthrax.
Wish I could write Dance n Beatz like you.


Definately one of my faves from you as well, man. Great stuff. Sounds proper pro.
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