'Embrace And Free' [ fruityloops9 ]

Started by RSCONCEPTIONS©, June 27, 2010, 03:59:09 PM

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Chilled, funky house, featuring my own voice :O
Enjoy it like you would enjoy pizza topped with your favourite TV show.

Being licked by the sun wrapped in the ocean IS what this song IS.


First off, beautiful little melody at the start, I love it already.

Wow, this track is certainly chilled out, I`d love to listen to this whilst relaxing on some tropical beach, nothing but me, the sea, the sand and blue skies.

A truly stunning piece of music, which program did you use to make it?
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Thank you bliss :)
I used FruityLoops 9


Im thinking a purple spaceship with monkey pilots and blue chicks with curved stripper poles. then i got to go drain the pipe and beam to a nearbye atlantis type of mall with 3 inch robots trying to spray me with 8 bit pixels. finally in fustration i start running on a treadmill into the sky.

Thats what this sounds like... At least to me thats what it sounds like... well done.
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.:DJ Droppin:.

Rikki! M8... It has been some time since I've heard new music of yours.....

Sooo here we go.

Right away with the intro that funky little melody and more grungy bass is different than any of your other work. Oh this builds so nicely. This has a very classy sound to it, real class, real professional. Very relaxing, chilled environment for the listener. Another great piece of music.
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Casper AudioGhost

listening-love this-this would qualify as minimal-tech house among djs i think-i really love it so balanced and brilliant cheers-will include this in my new renegades mix                     casper
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Master Dutch

haha...yes its very liquidy if I do say so myself....Nice smooth little house beat.


Thanks guys!
Mucho appreciato!

And thanks for including it in the new renegades mix Casper! *Honoured* :D