Started by DJ Eddy, July 22, 2010, 10:43:58 PM

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DJ Eddy

This is my second song for the day. ( im on a roll lol ;D)
Happy Hardcore again but more calm.
Made using MTV Music Generator 2002 and is about 5mins.
Plz leave comment on what u think.


Wow great stuff!! I love the piano's man....OMG those drums......this is freakin awesome man!!! Hey check my stuff in metal, i'd appreciate your opinion :)
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DJ Eddy

cheers m8,
ill check urs our now.

s p a c e b a r

nice work, like the panning - do u usually use the "change panning over area" for a whole riff or do u change the panning of each note individually?
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.:DJ Droppin:.

Wow man..... Fantastic intro and piano work/panning is extraordinary. Damn this is massive! That was really great.
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DJ Eddy

cheers... would u believe i cant put two notes together on a piano lol.
I call it luck lol...


Wow...this intro is seriously epic , something I would give my left arm for it , loving the melodies.
Love how it's just moving and pulsating , until 3:16 the first signs of sythns for a while.
Then the build up and the execution...and wonderfully done mate.
And then back to that wonderful melody that you never get sick of hearin.
Awesome stuff Eddy.