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Started by Casper AudioGhost, August 05, 2010, 10:49:35 PM

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Casper AudioGhost

hey guys-i will be posting some of my experiments using freeware like jeskola buzz(a digital audio workstation like fruity loops that has a ton of free virtual synths called generators and effects machines-in essence they are native vsts-this program allows you to make a riff in a tracker gui-pretty easy to catch on-and u can use samples like on m2k or synths with presets.i have built my kit up over almost 2 years and when u get all the bugs worked out it's magic and fast-also effects which have their own prests can be connected to generators like reverb delay and peer control which automatically controls a setting of your choice such as cutoff or modulation-for instance a 303 synth line's cutoff slider can be moved automatically to preset variables-this is called peerlfo-very useful-for now i will post some of my past experiments-soon i will post new tracks i am planning especially for this project                         casper
RIP Marna Patterson (1947-2009) i love you mom,my music is for you:)
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DJ Eddy

ag buzz tech house experiment
Awesome sounds in this.
Sounds really pro.
great stuff m8.

ping pong
Wow man i love that sound at the beginning.
This is some awesome techno style music.
Love the panning and nice constant beat.

a pure feeling
Great panning again and very cool melody.
Like the computer style sounds and bleeps in this.

sick invasion
This tune kicks ass man.
Love the bass, goes well with the melody.
The main tune is awesome tho.. sort of fades away then pops back up...Genuis.
Great track.

song of the 8 bit bell
Cool Hi-Hat intro and nice heavy beat.
Another wicked tune and bassline.
Love the melody that kicks in at 1.08.
Great effects on this like all ur songs m8.

Casper AudioGhost

thx eddy for checking it out and the awesome detailed comments-more tracks like this to come in this thread and in techno/trance non music series section-i'm just about ready to go back to work lol  also be scouting out tracks for renegades mix 11-as well i have a mashup i do on vdj i will be making a youtube vid for in next week or so                casper
RIP Marna Patterson (1947-2009) i love you mom,my music is for you:)
my net label 57 tracks
dj on


Ive been checking out some freeware myself. Theres myna(aviary) and You got good production sound on j/buzz. good stuff man! Sick invasion!
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