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Started by B.G.A, December 20, 2010, 02:05:54 AM

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I just unearthed this odd little song i did in 02. I used the progressions from Milk Inc.'s "In My Eyes" and added a whole lot of craziness, not sure what I was on, and recording is not the best quality as it was ripped from cassette, YES CASSETTE!


Dude, this is really good, dating back to 2002 aswell? good grief that's a long time ago lol. This reminds me of many Ministry Of Sound classics I used to listen to. Lovely melodies as usual, liking that little vocal also.

You have a very nice style too :) &  being recorded via CASSETTE, it really gives a nice classic quality feel to it, so it was GREAT for me ;)


This is really impressively pro sounding.
Everything sounds great here - the one thing that stands out is the vocals adding extra quality to the melodys already provided.
Top work mate. Enjoyed this one alot.

Fear 2 Stop®

Wow...we (F2S) started in 2002 with songs recorded to cassette as mentioned here

That said, this is a way better than our early stuff for sure! Very catchy...which in the series did you use? Was this MG1?
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop


thanks heaps guys. i recently lost a lot of my work STUPIDLY not having backed it up recently. Working on something new and will drop it very soon!!!


like wat f2s said..."Very Catchy".  i really love dat melody at 0:56 (it plays around in my head even after da song is over).  this is just an all round kick ass track dude.

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