ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE - 13 Days Of Black X-Mas EP

Started by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, December 25, 2010, 02:21:06 AM

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You already know that I had to bring some evil to such a happy holiday... MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! 
I. SLAY ryDe
II. SeCreT SaTaN
III. 13 Days Of Black X-Mas

But on a lighter note.. Merry Christmas everybody!  ;D


Slay Ride -
Oh ok...yeh I'm liking this. The way you've brought the evil to that Xmas melody and then the deep bassy piano comes in with the pads n strings. I've got this mental picture of Michael Myers dressed as santa coming down chimneys to kill all the naughty kids.
Its got this amazing chilled evil vibe to it.

Secret Satan -
The little light melody is wonderful I love the contrast it every time that piano hits , the drums as always Z are just impeccable as are you sounds in the background , the bass , the organ , strings ( I think ) . The outro is so good that bass and then boom...a big evil piano chord. Loved it.

13 Days of Black Xmas -
I thought I recognised the name , its already on my hard drive. Though I still cant praise it enough , the evil Xmas melody , the keys , the beat and most of all piercing string section and that little melody piano/synth melody just setting the tone. Brilliant stuff Z.

The verdict - Evil melodys , Demonic pianos , Killer beats = Amazing :)

Merry Xmas mate hope you got your machete you wanted.


Master Dutch

I just checked them out on the 'Tube good work man. Evil shit as usual, but yeah like I said on there you should get a mic and get that horrorcore lyricism on your tracks and make some cash!


thanx bro.  yea imma get a mic, idk when but yea.  im just pricing em out right now.

.:DJ Droppin:.

SLay ryDe - What a twist on Christmas Music..... A dark one. This is seriously kick ass. 2:58 with the eerie sound FX and piano clanging.... Textbook.

SeCreT SaTaN - Creepy as shit. Like the hats on it too....

13 Days of Black Xmas - What a freaky intro... WT F. 1:42 and into this section... Damn. I particularly liked this part the most.

Your artwork on this is awesome too.
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