Not a Number: DAY ONE EP (2011)

Started by Not a Number, June 30, 2011, 10:02:36 PM

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Not a Number

Finally, folks, a proper album/EP release of mine. Granted, it's my third overall, but it's the first one which has the style of music I intended.

Day One is a four-track collection of songs I made during my studies at college, which also serves as a portfolio for when I ever get to study music further, or anything else relevant. There have been a whole bunch of songs that I wrote during this time ("They Don't Know", "(Release) The Animal Inside" and "This is why I shouldn't have ideas" to name a few.. since they're the only ones with names), but I left those out of this, as they were all at different stages of completion - maybe I'll carry them over for the album, it just depends if I ever get a Mac and Logic at home; since my studies at college are now officially over, I'm back to solely using Music 2000 on PS1/PC until then (Ideally, I'd want to get them asap; I've put a tentative date of Dec '12 for the next release).

01. Clockwork 2011 (8:15)
02. Aphelion (9:24)
03. Build Around You (Monster) (4:50)
04. The Unlucky Ones Are Those Who Escape* (4:36)
*re-recorded as WAV, since Bandcamp won't allow mp3 uploads

Also note: I have put it as "name your price"; while you can download it for free (just set the price to £0.00), bear in mind this account only has 200 overall free downloads available (until the 20th of each month, in which it's bumped back to 200) before Bandcamp puts a price on it - and I don't know if I have to set it or if they put it there themselves - I'm very new to Bandcamp so I'm still figuring out how this thing works. That said, if you do want to pay for it, then I ain't stopping you. \/\/

So without any more delays, enjoy.

Or endure, whichever applies. :P