Knowlesy00 ~ A Horse Of A Different Colour (Metal)

Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], July 24, 2010, 09:18:08 PM

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I thought I'd put my own little spin on a Killswitch Engage type of track.
So I kinda took there formula and whatever I have an just mixed shit it may ACTUALLY be shit so I apologise if I offend KSE fans for this lol.

But this is the result. Hope y'all enjoy.


.:DJ Droppin:.

Starts out slow... then ... the drums :o.. Awesome bass/kick drum work. Has a nice flow to it. 3:45 is insane... So fast. Nice job  :)
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space.

DJ Eddy

Very nice stuff...
Like i said b4 u make some great guitar tunes.
I think this is my fav 1 from you so far.


Far out i wish i ould make melodies like you man!! Nice!!
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