B.G.A - Evolve

Started by B.G.A, September 12, 2010, 11:47:55 AM

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This is one of my most heartfelt tracks.  :-[

.:DJ Droppin:.

Hey welcome to TIMGUL. I have to step out, but I had an e-mail alert that a new member had joined, so I wanted to say hello. I will be back shortly to listen/review your tracks. Take it easy.

Admin Staff,
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DJ Eddy

Very cool, loving the build up.
This is ace, really top trance m8.
I could imagine this in a trance album easy.

Top stuff m8....cheers.
Oh and welcome to Timgul.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Damn so much going on. Great production and EQ of everything. 1:05 sounds so good. The way you have the strings so subtle in the background going with the melody.... 1:54 transition is awesome. Yet another fantastic melody and strings to boot. Like the snare fill there too. You definitely know what you're doing. Very clean sounding, crisp. Percussion is well panned. A gem...  :)
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin


man thanks so much it was a labour of love!


Very atmospheric with all the lovely reverb!
The choppy strings are a very nice dramatic effect, clever technique!

The pads are lovely and euphoric!
Very nice dramatic percussion and timpani and fills! They keep the track stimulating and interesting!
I think the thing that sounds like a high pitched vocal is just AWESOMETASTIC!!!!! Very nice inclusion.

The mid section from 1:39 is very nice and well constructed...with the vocal thing, percussion, pads, piano and melody...just all very nice!

Personally, the only thing I think that lacks from this tune is a bigger build up - this tune is so good it deserves more build if you get me!


i can smell a remix int he air :)


How fitting a term 'heartfelt' is, for this song. This is absolutely fantastic, mate. Great work with the strings, as per usual, fnatastic synth lines, everything is top notch, perfectly chilled emotional trance. Love it.
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Really cool stuff. The synth bass that kicks in around 0:25 or so for some reason makes me think of Gary Numan (HUGE influence on me). The melody that kicks in is awfully pretty, and I like how understated the beat is.

Ace work, bro :)
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