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Started by B.G.A, September 12, 2010, 11:55:15 AM

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This was one of my first songs and It still has a place in my heart... :D :D

.:DJ Droppin:.

Nice synths right at the intro. Great reverb and panning. :30 transition to the beat is great. VERY catchy little melody thus far. Definitely liking the change in octave with the bass/synth. Pads and strings are excellent! Very nice.... Looks like we have another superb artist on TIMGUL.  :)
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Casper AudioGhost

this is a very pro sounding trance track-will be included in renegades of timgul 11-a mix series i make spotlighting artists on this site-which music series software do u use?  cheers   casper
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I'm no expert in dance but that was a seriously catchy song.
The bass melody , the synth melody and the strings just complimented each other so well.
Nice work mate.


i use music 2000 on epsxe omg thanks im glad you like my choons!

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Having heard only a couple of your songs thus far, i can really tell you've got a knack for chilled, happy Trance. The kind of stuff i could very easilly fall asleep too, if i so desired. I'm fucking loving it, mate!
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