B.G.A - Sabih (You'll Always Be With Me)

Started by B.G.A, September 13, 2010, 12:51:28 AM

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My dog Sabih was hit by a car and died last year. I was so distraught the only thing that come close to healing the pain was writing this song. It's very odd, but I really like the way the U2-esque strings come in and lead back into the breakdown.....lol

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Sorry to hear about your Dog.

What a nice, moving track. Strings are awesome... You weren't kidding there. I like the subtle piano. Voice sample choice and use is good.  Nice beat/kick and percussion on this one. 3:09 is peaceful man... Lots of emotion.
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i am tears every time i hear it. thanks it mean a lot.

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Having lost a dear pet to the road when i was a bit younger- before i started using M2K seriously- i can Sympithise with you, even if it's been a year since the accident. Anyone that says that it's silly to be as torn up over the death of a pet as you would a person is talking right out their backside.

In any case, this sounds like a really fitting tribute, mate. You can really feel the emotion that went into this, and it makes for a really beautiful track. Indeed, the strings are fantastic.
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