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MadTracker- This one is stable, great sound, and does vst instruments and samples.

Axs for windows beta- hard to find but a great synth, and tracker

Vst host- this will let you run many free vst soft synths, like minimogueVa and 8-track an 8 track recording studio

These are all you need, If anyone knows a free host I will put up a software pack with samples ready to go
just email me.
MTV Music Generator 2 / Vista mtv gen pc help
November 12, 2009, 03:01:53 AM
I have had no luck getting mtv gen pc to run under vista premium, works on regular vista and fine on xp. No, there are no compatibility switches that work in vista prem. If anyone knows how to fix this please email me at MTV MUSIC GENERATOR ROCKS, but we need a patch for vista.......come on codematsers....fix us up.