PillagemyVillage vs Quade77 Trance mix - out now!

Started by pillagemyvillage, February 23, 2009, 06:48:32 PM

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147 crew

Cool, think I must've dreamed some1 singing those lyrics then? I can picture a LARGE lady for some reason.

Bizarre..lovin' the mp3 btw.


your right omni, its being weird, lots of different things going wrong with it, how typical after all the savefile thing ect, lol its like the gods have not been happy today lol oh well it will all sort its self out in the end i guess :)

naka, do you understand what im saying now? lol

147 glad you liked it mate, and when i hear that tune i think of the mouse T tune  'horny' , or some fat black woman singing on stage too lol


thanks Nakamura, it was our goal to get it as smooth as we can so you didn't know where one tune started and the other ended, its not that easy but i was very happy with the outcome , the tunes we chose fitted perfectly with another, like they was made for each other in a way, but still took a long time to get right  ;D


yea, and when mediafire will become worse than all others we will switch to Megaupload or divshare and it will become even worse x.x

If diskspace wasnt such a big concern i would be sure to increase the limit even more. But hey I should be glad I even got 120 GB of diskspace. That's 50% more than my computer harddrive lol XD. I still remember the days where you had to pay $20 per month to get 100 MB of diskspace. Now you get 120x more for 4 times cheaper

As for now I am listening to the mix, there are a lot of tunes I didn't listened to yet, because I didn't checked the music section much. In fact I might focus more on the techno/trance/euro/house/hardcore section for the time being due to having less time :(

But so far this seems pretty good, the transitions are pretty good and I like the tunes chosen. Continuing listening now :)

By the way are every tunes from Music generator series or are they all mixed with ableton songs too? Your old music stuff is so good that it's alerady hard to tell it's from Music 2000/MG2 and i havent got the chance to listen to most of your new stuff since I was unable to open the files :(


Double post for update: I am on "One Giant Leap" now. Seems like I'm gonna get hooked to this melody for a while and I continue liking the mix so far. Mixed even better than mine. I think if I revive some form of TIMGUL Rave Mix I will stick to 125-155 BPM genres and do a separate mix for the hardcore stuff. At some point in your mix it seemed like I was listening to a real trance CD bought at the store.

I am going to post the mix on Omnimaga section in case some people might like (altough Idk if there are still a lot of dance music fans there anymore)


Lmao Nak, you and the car!!! I'm heading to bed, goodnight all. Thanks for solving your differences today I'm glad we came to a resolve. :)


yeah i hope its not the case, megaupload im having problems too lol oh well,, such is life i guess  :)

and yes mate all the tunes are from the Music series, all of pillage's tunes are from MTVMG2 and mine are form Music 2000 and MTVMG2, but we used Abelton to mix them together, i wouldn't have put my Ableton stuff on there as i class that as cheating lol ;) and wanted to keep it as Timgul friendly as passable, even though i did have a joke with pillage the night we made it saying i was gonna use all my ableton work but i only said that to see the look on his face, lol it was priceless  :P

also soon as i see adam the first thing i said was "have you come to pillage MY village?" lol he really is a cool guy, you thought he was a nice guy on here but he is even nicer in real life, and the guy had me in stitches i was LMAO at some of the stuff he was coming out with,, i have made a great friend there and we will defo stay in touch and do more stuff together in the future.  

he has also took some of my tunes and put them on his memory card to do remixes of, so i cant wait to see what he dose with them, but you just know they will be amazing,

i have also added a photo my friend took of us both, he is the tall one lol and im the good looking one lol  :P ;D im just messin by the way,


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on February 24, 2009, 02:09:23 AM
Double post for update:At some point in your mix it seemed like I was listening to a real trance CD bought at the store.

wow that is a massive complement man, and i, and we thank you very much for that, we did kinda say that on the night but didn't want to jinx it, or get massive heads lol but it means alot coming from you man!!! we was so keen on impressing people on timgul, if your gonna do it why not make it the best we can, plus didnt know how long it would be before we met up again,

im really pleased people are liking it :)

and yes man "one giant leap" is off the charts, i think when we mixed that in i said to pillage, "thanks for that mate, how the hell am i gonna follow that up lol, its amazing.. and Choral Scape - By Pillage My Village is the best tune on the whole thing, that tune blows anything i have ever made out the water, he has skills man real skills


actually a lot of my later music 2000 and most mtvmg2 trance stuff were inspired from PIllage songs. Maybe even by some of your songs too, mainly Earth Unknown. If you listened to my song "Dark Abyss" you might notice. Trancimaga is closer to Pillage stuff, though, but at that time I was still trying to make my strings pad better, since I felt they weren't deep enough compared to your songs.

EDIT: lol I missed one of the post above, nice pic you got ^^ and it would be cool if I could meet you people in real life in some kind of meeting. I wish I didn't lived that far to the west buried under 3 meters of snow though -.-


he is a inspiration to us all  ;D i will check them tunes asap

by the way if you want to hear what i have done with Ableton then just take a look here there all there

my work on Ableton live here

even if you listen to just one track then it has to be 'Envious Eyes'  By Quade77 it really is a great tune even by my standards, and my best tune i have ever done :)


Thanks I will check that out. My song Grooving To THe Melody Trance Remix is pretty similar to Dark Abyss because I used the same riffs and modified them, but in some ways it's pretty different because the original song was an eurodance track and then someone else did a remix and then I did another one myself. THe trance remix is inspired a lot from the two previous remixes, even thought in the beginning it was meant to be similar to Dark Abyss. I really need to make a new tune and this time not another RickRoll lol


lol RickRoll lol ;D there are so much stuff i still have not got around to hearing , not because i don't want to but because of this crap 2g connection i keep getting,  ::)

i need to make a new tune too but i find it so hard to get motivated on MTVMG2 when i have ableton live sitting right there staring at me, i have installed lots of cool effect plug ins and have some amazing synthesizers now to witch are just mind blowing..
but i do have some old stuff on Music 2000 and MTVMG2 that i have not yet uploaded and did try to upload it a few nights ago but there is some problem with my cables ? like a broke adapter or something like that, we even tried again the night pillage come to my place because he wanted to upload hes new tune 'Trance Form' i felt really bad to because he really wanted to ad it to our mix and we couldn't :( but it still cam out well  :)

147 crew

Cool, download has begun after another error message plus I got 2 pop ups for gambling sites!!

Thats 1 thing with external sites..pop ups, not to worry, stick this on me phone for later..400kB/sec Lovin'

Glad you guys had a fun time, look forward to more mixes!  :D

Oh and wheres my free Ableton link huh????

Not a Number

Finally got it working, but it's downloading really slowly (~50-60kB/s), but my download speed tends to be slower during the day anyway (it can usually go at around 200kB/s during the nighttime)

Casper AudioGhost

i just listened and the mix is fantastic!you 2 have merged your styles seemlessly and this mix is rocking and brilliant,bravo    casper
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WOW!!!!!!  :o

I`ve just listened to the first 15 minutes. It "IS"  a professional mix. It sounds so amazing dudes, top, top job!

I`m gonna put it on my iPod and listen to the rest tomorrow.

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thanks dark bliss, looking forward to see what you think of the rest of the mix mate  ;D


thanks all for your kind comments! it was a good night, the mix took ages lol! (still got 1st degree burns on the roof of my mouth!).


"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012