Timgul Rave Mix Volume 3 out!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 03, 2008, 09:56:16 PM

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The third mix in Timgul Rave Mix serie is finally here! This mix is for everyone who enjoy dance music ranging from club to rave tunes! The mix contains some of the best house, eurodance, techno and trance tunes ever uploaded on TIMGUL website. Every single songs has been made using Codemaster's and Jester's Music, Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator), MTV Music Generator 2 and Music 3000. All tracks were made by members of TIMGUL, half of which joined after the release of the previous mix. Unlike the two previous mixes this one doesn't feature any hardcore tracks though. Don't worry, though, DnB and Hardcore will certainly returns in mix 4, altough no release date is planned for this one. Here is the track listing below:

DJ Omnimaga Timgul Rave Mix - Volume 3
01 - Audioghost - Velvet - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
02 - Audioghost - Circle Of Light - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
03 - KalsolarUK - Spooked - MUSIC
04 - Spacekid - Yum Yum - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
05 - DJ Omnimaga - Void - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
06 - Pillage My Village - Fanfare For A Common Timgul User - MTV Music Generator 2
07 - DJ Omnimaga - Star Knight - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
08 - Audioghost - Push It Up - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
09 - Audioghost - Blue Lotus - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
10 - DJ Omnimaga - Techno Revolution (2007 Extended Mix) - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
11 - Dark Bliss - Far - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
12 - DJ Omnimaga - New Beginning - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
13 - Pillage My Village - Messages From Heaven - MTV Music Generator 2
14 - Nobuo Unematsu - Final Fantasy VI Terra Theme (DJ Omnimaga Remix) - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
15 - Iku - Shadow Of Oryffa - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
16 - Pillage My Village - 3 AM - MTV Music Generator 2
17 - UllaDubUlla - Forever Autumn (Orion Remix) - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
18 - John Fluo - Lightstart - Music 3000 (Funkmaster Flex's Digital Hitz Factory)
19 - Audioghost - Raver Girl - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
20 - MeSemDilo - Stairway To Heaven - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
Total lenght: 1:14:50


I would like to congrat all those people for their work on those tracks and to everyone for contributing to the Music community and this forum!


Casper AudioGhost

great job on the mix DJ_Omnimaga!! :) all the tracks sound terrific,this really rolls hard,kick a**!! thankx for including me with all the other great artists here,love all the tracks props to me peeps :)
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mesemdilo: What error message do you get? I keep getting skyrocketing amounts of people saying they cannot download the files at all. Why is that? When I click on the links they all work fine.

I need:

Browser you are using
Error message


Else I will have to stop working on mixes forever

EDIT: Note, this website was only tested in Mozilla Firefox and Opera, and downloading these tracks from these internet browsers worked fine for me. I cannot guarantee it will work in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is shit anyway. Microsoft always try to push their products even if it's not even that great. IE7 doesn't even support web standards completly (such as CSS2) and Microsoft softwares are known for their larger amount of security exploits


Casper AudioGhost

i am using seamonkey and if i left click the link it plays in wmp,and i right click and select save target as... to save the download
RIP Marna Patterson (1947-2009) i love you mom,my music is for you:)
my net label http://www.archive.org/details/white-trash-poptronica
www.showcaseyourmusic.com/audioghost 57 tracks
dj on http://chat.paltalk.com/g2/paltalk/1352831106


Hmm, seamonkey... I hear a lot more about this nowadays... but it uses Mozilla engine (like Firefox) so it shouldn't be a problem. But I am asking the other people who cannot download the files to see if it's browser related or not. I hope it's not because 1and1.com blocked some european/asian traffic :/


mmm i got internet explorer :(

a messange like, can"t open the page in this browser, i read,

but no problem,
i will get firefox right away. ;D




i have listen it on the computer of my sister,
it,s so greath 8)
i heared some hot tracks man!

good job!! ;)


nice to see you got it working. It must definitively be a problem with internet explorer. Personally I clicked the link in IE and it never loaded, even the low quality mp3

thanks for the comments ^^

Unforgotten Village Idiot

holy crap. You guys got hella good in the 4 months i've been gone!
I am The Unforgotten.


...let the music flow through your vains...



werhoo! im back! got a good connection speed now... first thing i did was download this mix!
its nice to see many new artists on here. its kinda good that i lost the net for a while as i havent heard many of these new tracks!
dont worry though i have a big download session ahead of me, so i will listen to as many tracks as i can!
anyway this mix is once again awesome... many thanks to omnimaga for his time and dedication to this site... really tight mix sounds very pro...
great tunes from the newcomers too  ;D
top marks, a soundtrack to the summer!


I only just listened to this today in work and it sounds like an official mix you`d buy from the shops! Quality!

What happens with these mixes Omni? Have they ever been played anywhere or is it just for our own personal pleasure?
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Thanks guys, and welcome back Pillage! :) As for now all mixes are only for my personal pleasure, altough maybe one day if I got an internet radio where I could play music regulary I could play them here. This would be fun to have a MTV Music Generator/Music *000 radio station :D . However, doing such thing would require me a very good connection with no bandwidth cap. For no bandwidth cap this means I would need to move to United States, since all ISPs where I live has bandwidth cap (for now I have 100 GB).

In the near future the only thing I planned was to post a video on youtube with small samples of songs in the mixes to promote this site and the mtvmg programs. Basically it would play like 30 seconds of each songs maybe but it wouldn't include all songs.

In the farther future I got the idea near the end of the year to do a Best Of 2008 Timgul compilation/mix, which would have the best timgul mix songs in 2008.

But yeah I am still thinking. I do not want in any case to post these mixes to be played on other people radios though, because we never know if they will not decide to publish them as their own or something and on top of that they will not even say where it came from. I'm open for some ideas though, providing they are realistic ;)

EDIT: one of the biggest problem with an internet radio would be that some songs on this site are recorded very loud, while some others are recorded too low