A game? Surely not?

Started by KalsolarUK, November 08, 2007, 11:22:44 PM

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I remember when I first saw Music (music generator) advertised in a magazine that it was listed under "games" I always disliked that because I felt that labelling it a game demeaned it and did'nt represent it in the correct light. Although it was reasonably simple to get to grips with on a basic riff block building level there was clearly so much more to it if you put the effort in. I still think its great but don't really use it now, but it was - and still is great.


Yeah I get annoyed when people call it a game, it's not as if you can get to level ten and die or anything lol. I see it more as a cost effective peace of software that allows you to create music on a Playstation. Ideal for beginners or those who don't own a PC.

Did you know that you can load songs from your memory card that you created with the original Music Generator on to Music 2000 and remix them?
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Sometimes I tend to call Music series games but it isn't really intentional sometimes it just go out like this, but i mostly refer to the playstation disc, but I prefer to say it's a software because it's a creation tool, no win or dies. And even if you own a PC I think it's still a good tool to start making music and some ppl stick to it even if there is other softwares around because it's so easy to use

Btw what's the major differences between music and music 2000? Cuz I listened to lot of KalsolarUK tracks on youtube and regardless of if it said it was made using music or music 2000 it seemed to be the same video and sound samples. All I know is that it has a different user interface. Was there less sound channels/effects?


Music generator for PS1 was released in 1998 just before Music 2000, I don't think it was released in the US (I'm not sure).
It was very basic and only had minimal sound samples. All of the sounds was later included in Music 2000 enabling you to load the songs that you made in Music Generator on to Music 2000 and remix your songs.

Here's a link to the Jester interactive site with a little info: http://www.jesterinteractive.com/music/flashIndex.html
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Aah I see, thanks for the info. It's cool they made Music songs compatible with 2000. I guess I don't really need it then


Pretty much all the same sounds, and instruments and most of the riffs were there again on music 2000 / mtv mg and funnily enough many of these were re-used again on mtv mg2 and music 3000 / digital hits factory. Although of course a great deal of new sounds/instruments and riffs were included too.


ahhh... music. i remember it well. when that was released i must have been one of the first to buy it! i spent many hours making tunes (mostly rubbish). looking back now the interface was quite unaccessable and sometimes frustrating but what a game! a great platform for music 2000. the samples from music have remained as well which is cool because when i use mtvmg2 i can still use the music samples years later!
and yes i hate the term game as well. i am guilty of using it but prefer to call it a music programme. you cannot make professional sounding music from scratch on a game now can you? hell no!