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Another track from my (forthcoming) second album - this time on a more funky tip. Comments invited as always.
Strictly speaking this should probably go in the DNB/Breakbeat section as it is my Breaks remix of this rock tune, but I thought I'd try it out on those who go for the more guitar-orientated.
Feedback gratefully received.
Okay, the first tune from my (unfortunately) still forthcoming 2nd album. Due in 2003, but has suffered the... er... odd delay. Will be finished soon. Honest.
Anyways, big growly bass-driven track written around 2001/2. (Has anyone else ever found/used the ahem interesting vocal sample used?)

NB in case you were wondering, the track is named in honour of a lady I worked with at the time. She was really nice when you got to know her, but a kind of formidable woman!
My first TIMGUL exclusive track, but as space for uploads is limited on SoundCloud, not the last.
Still with my first album, so written in 1999.
Freaky, funky, up-and-downtempo number. Let me know if it catches your groove!
(Jeez, who writes this crap?)
Hi, just a quick message to anyone here who is also on SoundCloud - my brother (DeadKousin) and I have set up a group aimed at Music users (of whatever flavour!). I'm hoping to create a bit of cross-pollination between TIMGUL and SoundCloud (since the big audience potential is there and the hardcore Music talent is here!  :D). Admittedly we haven't finished sorting it out entirely, but the membership is growing steadily. Please drop by at:

Not to plug SoundClound too much, but registering and maintaining 120 minutes worth of uploads is free.

Thanks to Knowlesy (share some tracks soon, mate!) and CMG-Utopia for your early support.
Slight change of vibe to the more funk orientated for these two. Still coming from my 1999 album 'Silicon Beats'. Let me know if your boat is floated!
Okay, the last big growly tune, and yes, it is as long as the name suggests! Ironic then, that my favourite bits are near the end....

Feel free to leave response - thru the tears and bleeding ears!
My third offering from my first album. Again, quite growly in the bass department.

Thanks for listening - comments welcome.
Okay, my second selection from my first album. Tougher vibe with a more growling bassline.

Thanks for listening!
Okay, well here's the link for my favourite tune from my first album (Silicon Beats (The Past Present's Future))hosted over on SoundCloud. It's a full-on melodic/atmospheric piece, hope you like it. Comments welcomed here or on SoundCloud (if you're registered). Thankyou!

For those interested - it was written in 1999 using the original Music for Playstion, recorded onto MiniDisc and mastered to CD by a mate who did some general EQing. I ripped the MP3 file off the CD as I saved all my Music files on Third-Party memory cards which subsequently died, plus I found my MiniDisc player has also passed away so I can't access that recording either!
Introductions / Hi
May 20, 2011, 10:53:10 AM
Greetings to all on the board!
I stumbled on this site while looking for information regarding a PS3 version of Music - seems I might have been a little optimistic on that front. Still, nice to know that there are people still using these great... er, composition programmes (I hate to call them 'games' despite having always used them on a console), utilities, then?
Anyway, I've been writing on and off since I bought a Playstation in 1998, specifically because of the release of the original Music. I'd been using trackers on my Amiga previously (anyone remember the wonderful OctaMED?) and to be honest the sound quality just didn't cut it.
I completed a first album of my Music tunes back in 1999 and am currently (finally) putting together two volumes of subsequent work using Music 2000 (only 11 years in the making!).
One question I do have - I've been uploading music to the SoundCloud site, could I simply post links to the tunes there rather than uploading here as well?
Thanks for listening!