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Techno/Trance / Re: Closer (Twisted Coord Mix)...
Last post by ArcaneFuture - July 04, 2011, 10:55:46 PM
No weirder than some of Reznor's own remixes!
Seriously, though, this is excellent - surprising close to the feel of the original, but with your own mark - great job!
Drum & Bass / Re: Hyperion Blue - DJ Gift (B...
Last post by ArcaneFuture - July 04, 2011, 10:50:45 PM
Thanks guys!  :D
Never have played Earthworm Jim or Toejam & Earl, though. Nearest I got to a Sega was a mate's Megadrive at Uni playing Sonic and basketball. (I was a Commodore Amiga addict, and on reflection I think T&E might have been released for the Amiga, but it must have passed me by.)
Experimental/Other / Re: [DISCLAIMER] Eventhough I ...
Last post by ArcaneFuture - July 04, 2011, 10:40:11 PM
@Coordman - Cheers, really must find the time to check them out more thoroughly!
Albums / EP - TSUTOPIAMUSH (The Album) ...
Last post by ::CMG (UTOPIA):: - July 04, 2011, 05:49:18 AM

idk why I didn't do this earlier, but since it's the 3 year anniversary of this remix, I figured it'd be appropriate.

History Lesson: Many moons ago (specifically around 2005 and 2006) in the world of StepMania, two people named Family Farce and Kid Covington created a StepMania song & theme pack called "Hopscotch Mix".  It quickly became the hottest topic in the community with its catchy songs, and gimmic-filled steps.  Among the song list was the "TSU" series.  tsugamush, TSUHSUIXAMUSH, TSUPSEUDOGAMUSH, and Tsu.survivor.gamusH became very well known names and the more popular songs from the group.  Around 2008, F+F (Family Farce) held a contest to see who could come up with the best "TSU" remix...

...which brings me to these songs.  TSUTOPIAMUSH was my remix and entry for the contest.  Sadly, I did not win, but it was like the second or third popular remix in the contest.  A year later, I made 3 more remixes just for the hell of it :P Since then, the group no longer exists (due to personal reasons and such), but the legacy lives on (sort of).  The girl with the tape on her mouth has pretty much been the "mascot" for my TSUTOPIAMUSH remixes ever since (if you would have seen F+F's images for the "TSU" songs, they were alot more weirder/creepier).  This album well deserves the letters "EP" stuck to it, since I do not have plans on making anymore "TSU" remixes (and don't ask me for the "TSU" samples... just like the group they are long gone.  If you wanna learn more about Family Farce, Hopscotch Mix, and/or the "TSU" songs, I'd suggest using Google/YouTube... theres still a few links around left ;) )

By the way, I know I made a thread about these remixes like months ago but back then I thought I would be making more.  So this is the FINAL decision, and these remixed finally have a home (I.E. their own album)

Download Link:

Song List:

Hope you enjoy... and don't forget to check out my other album "Planet Utopia"
House/disco / Organ City (3 song preview for...
Last post by ::CMG (UTOPIA):: - July 04, 2011, 04:18:11 AM
Basically this is what I meant when I had another albums in the works... this one is one of them

Organ City was basically the first song I ever created, and incidentally is the one song that I have a bajillion remixes planned out for as well :P so basically it will get it's own album.  I don't know the exact number, but so far, I completed two remixes.  "Chicago Club Mix" is the original version of the song.  The other two (Chiller Castle, & Ladie's Night) are the remixes

Basically if you've played DDR, you'll know where I'm going with this.  For those of you that haven't I'll fill you in... PARANOiA is one of the well known songs in the series since it has 10+ versions to it's name (original, dirty mix, KCET clean mix, Evolution, Eternal, ect...), and that's not counting the fan made remixes, which add alot more to the list of remixes.  I basically plan to do the exact same thing with Organ City, and with each remix comes a different style/genre.

Don't expect this to be an instant finish by next week or next month.  Life has gotten quite busy for me as of late, so this is just a project for when I actually have free time and the brain power to work on it.  Nevertheless, hope you enjoy what I've done so far :)

***On a side note, I've been cleaning up my posts, and linking the single uploads/posts of my original works to my "Planet Utopia" album post in the albums sections of the forum (Click Here and you'll know what I'm talking about).  Remixes (such as the Video game remixes I've made) are still staying in there place till i figure out what I'm doing with them album wise***
Techno/Trance / Re: Closer (Twisted Coord Mix)...
Last post by Coordman - July 04, 2011, 01:02:54 AM
Wow, those are some pretty great compliments. Guess the mix is not as weird as I had thought. Thanks everyone!  ;D
Just look @ your statement...

Life can be hard sometimes. We all need an outlet, whether it be sex, speeding, violence or creation. I chose creation.

You'll create again..

Introductions / Re: Hi there !
Last post by Koolassjoe - July 03, 2011, 09:42:57 PM
Welcome to TIMGUL. Enjoy the MUSIC
Rock/Metal/Pop / Re: Let us go on This Way (Bea...
Last post by Koolassjoe - July 03, 2011, 09:41:46 PM
Crazy. Id never think of this. Talented i see...
Video Game/Film Soundtracks / Re: Stage 6- Voi, Kenya DEMO [...
Last post by Koolassjoe - July 03, 2011, 09:38:15 PM
Yeah this is great game music! Im thinking old school beat em up like final fight or wounded dragons! Perfect for Megaman. This would have to be for the "Generator Man" stage!