PillagemyVillage vs Quade77 Trance mix - out now!

Started by pillagemyvillage, February 23, 2009, 06:48:32 PM

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thanks mate, really glad you liked the mix, i would love to do a mix of your stuff , but you will probably want to do your own at some point, but if you want me to just let me know man and i will get on it :) you are so amazingly talented that it would be a total honor :)

and to pillage lmao , cant believe your still feeling it after all this time lol

to the people that don't know the reason pillage has first degree burns on the roof of my mouth, it was because i made a pizza and burnt the fucking thing lol and pillage just chomped into it right after it came out my oven lol and burnt lol his lol mouth lol lmao, he was stoned tho so we can forgive him for losing all his senses  :D


I think we can all agree it's far too tempting to let pizza simply cool down once it's ready, I'm terrible for doing the exact same thing lol.


lol yeah your right J, we also had piping hot chicken too which didn't help too,,, it was funny when he told me in the morning he had first degree burns on his mouth, i did feel bad for him tho i must say lol



Having to re-download as i only got half of it! Anyway, i put what i had in the car and cruised to work with this thumping out and i can honestly say it is as good as any trance comp cd iv got. Cant wait to here the rest. Top work guys. :D
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