Sacred Virgo (Shellshaka) - complete discography

Started by Shellshaka, June 23, 2009, 04:16:24 PM

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Sacred Virgo

1 MERDAAAAAAZ!!! (2001)   (remake planned)
2 metropoli (2001)   (remake planned)
3 iuvenilia & paralipomeni  (2001)   (remake planned)
4 telecomunicazione (2001-2002)  (remake in progress)
5 stato di anarchia (2002)  (remake in progress)
6 sacrovirgo (2001-2003)  (remake in progress)
7 a matter of drum and bass (2002-2003)  (remake in progress)
8 ultimaelectrica (2003-2008)
9 tales of electra (2003-??)  (work in progress)
10 greatest hits (work in progress)
11 surge spiritus (2003-??)  (work in progress)
12 esperanza - clockwork (2003-??)  (work in progress)
13 trip of the temple (2003-??)  (work in progress)
14 return to megalopis (2003-??)  (work in progress)
15 il pianeta vive (??-??)  (work in progress)


ultimaelectrica pure EP (work in progress)
wipeout EP  (work in progress)
harpigy project  (work in progress)
writ in the water project  (work in progress)
single tracks

all albums are available for free. just send a pm and i'll send you the links

Sacred Virgo

my favourite ones are 6,11,13,14,15. 1,2,3 are seriously crappy right now. 9 and 15 are miles away from completition. 8 is the only one which can be considered truly completed, so i guess it could be a good starting point. but considering only the completed ones (1-8) maybe you would prefer 6.

but now you're probably more confused than before, lol


Wow! You have been busy!

I`ll get on these throughout the week and give them a proper listen one by one.
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holy cow, all albums!? wow!
pm me your fav and i'll have a listen asap


shit man! thats a lot of music being made right there :) keep it up dude , look forward to hearing some of your new stuff  :)


Hey Shell, I agree, IMMENSE album collection. If you could PM me with perhaps your personal favourite, I'd appreciate giving it a listen.

Sacred Virgo

thanks for the interest everyone. the problem is that my fav ones are the incomplete ones, so maybe the best solution would be to send you a selection including a couple of completed songs from each album. almost every album has its own peculiar style, then maybe a selection could help you to find the album you consider most interesting


I'd appreciate that Shell, due to A-Levels and the entire educational year in general I've been a bit occupied and only got to check out a few songs from people, I didn't sadly get to check out many of yours and then of course the crash came. If you pick out a few and zip them, that'd be good.

Sacred Virgo

the tracks are 11! i had to split the folder in 2 because the original folder was too big. you've probably downloaded only the first part, check out again my pm


Well I`ve listened to the first part of the album Shellshaka and I must say I`m very impressed.

There`s such a deep quality to what I`ve heard so far, I can tell you put your heart into your creations. Depressurizzazione In Corso is probably my favourite track, it`s just amazing mate.

I`ll get round to listening to the second part over the next few days, once again, excellent stuff.
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Sacred Virgo

thanks for listening and commenting bliss. you're right, i'm very devoted to my creations, but this time you have to know that my opinion is a bit different. i consider ultimaelectrica the best complete album in terms of production values, but i have to admit i do not feel that much affection for it. i prefer at least 5 other albums, there i put all my heart, while the quality of this record it's mostly a matter of technical skill. besides Depressurizzazione In Corso is probably my least favourite track, as i consider it no more than a decent intermission. on the contrary i'm very proud of the 3 'trancey' tunes (1, 3, 10)

Sacred Virgo

a taste of all the songs from Ultimaelectrica. english version coming soon. i'm going to have a short holiday in the next week and then i'm going to translate all the infos i added in this video, so you can understand what the f--- i am talking about  ;)


Wow. I just finished listening to Ultimaelectrica. Its incredible. And I agree with everyone here that it sounds very professional and polished.

Quite dark, quite insidious, 100% quality!

And when the drums come in... they pound! They suit the song, and they're heavy and resonate beautifully. Tracks 4 & 5 are my personal favourites.

When you've uploaded more albums for download, pm me and let me know :) Immediate download garunteed :)

Sacred Virgo

thanks for the comment TPT, glad you liked it. the next one might be Sacrovirgo (less polished than ultimaelectrica but i consider it better), but i'll wait just a bit for some other requests.

it's always amazing to me to see that people have so many different opinions about my records... some guys prefer calming sounds and hate the hardest tunes, while others seem only to enjoy the badass ones and don't like the ambient pieces...

it's also amazing that no one for now seems to prefer Little Shiny Diamonds (2nd half of the 3rd song), which is imo the most remarkable song on the entire record... i guess it's a matter of tastes..


People please download this wonderful music. I`ll leave an in depth review really soon.

Shellshaka is a genius.
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Just to let Shell know, I`ve listened to Ultimaelectrica parts 1 and 2 many times now, it has a permanent home on my iPod.

I can`t stress how good an artist Shellshaka is, if you haven`t downloaded any of his albums yet, please do, you won`t be disappointed.

Shell, can you post the links to each of your albums individually in the albums setion please?
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Sacred Virgo

ok, i'll think about it...and i'll let you all decide which one will be next. for now, sacrovirgo (#6) received 1 vote to be my next upload.

btw bliss please consider ultimaelectrica as a whole as it wasn't meant to be split in 2 sections, it was just the easiest way to upload it


Oh I know it`s intended as one whole album Shell!
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Sacred Virgo

i finished uploading my sixth record, Sacrovirgo. In case you are interested, just send me a request by pm and i'll send you the links.