TIMGUL Hypermix 2009 // DISC 02

Started by Not a Number, August 30, 2009, 09:31:16 PM

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Not a Number

(If this could be moved to the DJ Mixes section, that would be great thanks)

Guess who's back with another Mix? :D

Disc 02 is the second installment of TIMGUL Hypermix 2009, containing 12 tracks released from May through to August.

Total time: 1:19:58 (just 2 seconds away from a full CD)


2.00: Shellshaka
     Kinesis [Reprise]
2.01: The Lyricist
2.02: Beoulve
     Battle Royale
2.03: nakamura (ft. Shellshaka)
     Walking Through a Winter Night (27/05/09 version)
2.04: JohnP
     Rendered in Depth      
2.05: nakamura
     The Last Goodbye (Pillage Fanfare)
2.06: Pillage My Village
     End of an Era
2.07: DarkBliss
     Beautiful Death
2.08: spacekid890
     Flip/Sting (Hold On to Your Speakers)
2.09: DJ Omnimaga
     Not Another Fucking Hardcore Remix
2.10: Pillage My Village
     Insides (TIMGUL Release)
2.11: J-MACHine
     Revolution: In SPACE
2.12: Not a Number
     Pheonix (TIMGUL Hypermix 2009 Edit)
       I.   Burn
       II.  Re-Ignite
       III. Fly Away

Super Edition (80-minute mp3):
Standard Edition (Individual mp3s, with transtitions):
Ultra Edition (Discs 1, 2 and 3 as one huge mp3):
- coming Christmas 2009 -

Sacred Virgo

that's good news. good to see that you haven't dropped this project, which is really cool. i was working on a new dj mix some time ago but i had to quit because the songs i chose were just too complicated to merge.
downloading now, i'll check it out asap.

this might be a great moment for new dj mixes because there's so much activity lately, so many new songs and interesting material..

edit: how did you manage to download nakamura's 'fanfare for pillage'?

Not a Number

Quote from: Shellshaka on August 30, 2009, 10:01:25 PMhow did you manage to download nakamura's 'fanfare for pillage'?
YouTube Converter. Though I think the one I use has stopped putting the mp3s in stereo so I have to download it as a video and then import that into Vegas and save that as an mp3.. Pretty annoying at times.

Not a Number