black rain (hip hop instrumental version) (ableton trial #2)

Started by Shellshaka, September 09, 2009, 09:57:40 PM

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Sacred Virgo

i already posted this one in the WIP thread but maybe it's more appropriate to post it here


Woah, very dark synths, I love it already. Got a Massive Attack vibe going on, loving the little glitch effects. This just drips atmosphere, is this your first Ableton tune?

Amazing stuff from Shellshaka again, you`re another rising star my friend.
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Sacred Virgo

just a trial, a remix of an old drum 'n bass song of mine made with music2000. i took the piano melody and drone from music2000 then moved it onto ableton, where i made some experiments with triplets and other cool effects after creating a new beat.

DJ Ryznup

Nice pads and beats, cool bass. The dark moody tone of this really well done, the piano melody was great, and I really like the gritty raw snare you have in this.
Great track.

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OOO man just got me lost there...........rhythm is just superb. Don't mind hearing this all day............