Not a Number: /0, Part 1 EP

Started by Not a Number, October 01, 2009, 05:06:27 PM

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Not a Number

As you know, I kinda cancelled /0 a few weeks ago, but I only released it on some other forum (that you had to be a member to download musics from) so it's only fair I release it everywhere else.

Some of these I had already released here but I figured if I handed it out in one big folder it'd be easier to find.

Download link -->


- *32-bit Twist (2009 Demo) 3:17
- *32-bit Twist (instr.) 3:17
- Clouds (Illemonati Demo) 2:52
- *In The Air Tonight (Demo 2) 5:05
- Infinity - Pt. 1 (instr.) 9:24
- Nothing's Impossible (2007 Demo) 3:50
- Nothing's Impossible (2009 Demo) 3:50
- Transition 0:15

I've left out two of the proposed tracks, those being the full version of Clouds and Prologue: Into the Fire. Those are a much better quality to the ones I've put up so I'm carrying them over onto an actual album.

This thing was in development for over 2 years (originally announced July 2007) and honestly, that was too long; considering I was hoping for an Autumn 2008 release.

I didn't really bother with fixing some of the tags, so some are tagged with "NaN" as the artist and "/0" as the album.
Tracks marked with an * are covers.
(also I had to resize the album art so it wouldn't crop in the forum: hi-res image is here)