MTV music generator on xbox 360 B.C.

Started by rockchisler, August 11, 2008, 05:43:10 PM

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Hello all.. question... has anyone tried to use this on the 360, I have but I cant rip any music to the hard drive its like it does not recognize that there is one. Help please


Hi and wlecome here. I never used MTVMG3 on Xbox before actually since I own the PS2 version. I heard MTVMG3 was supposed to be fully compatible with the 360 before though. In fact from the site it says it is:
Make sure your Xbox 360 is up to date though, A.K.A make sure you recently did Xbox Live updates to get the lastest old Xbox compatibility fixes
However if it still doesn't work I would suggest reporting the problem to Microsoft support on the site. It might be a bug they missed or that got introduced in a recent update


Oh yeah it works, everything is good except when I want to rip a cd to the hard drive the ripper function is grayed out it like it wont recognize that there is a harddrive with music on it.


this sucks x.x. This must be an incompatibility problem that Microsoft forgot to fix then. I am glad that I got MTVMG2 for the Playstation 2 instead lol,  because I sold my Xbox against a 360 last fall x.x


probably, thank god i still have my original xbox. This is a great site by the way.


thanks a lot :)

I'm glad there's still lot of MTVMG users. Even Youtube seems to have more nowadays.


i have a 360 but im not online so i cant use it on that but i have an original xbox and thats the best way to play MG3 cos on the playstation version u have to load everything all the time and the xbox has more memory, my xbox has gone well over the 50,000 memory thing, does anyone know how much memory it really has?? anyway this game is amazing


I might be able to help here
An original xbox has 2 partitions C and E
on my modified original xbox I was getting frustrated because I have a 1.5tb in it and lots of music but I couldnt sample it
All my files were mp3 the xbox was looking for wma if I recall
anyways i used 2 programs VXCR and xbox soundtrack editor
Those programs allowed me to ftp right into my xbox and drop  the track right where an unmodified xbox would
After that I could use my tracks on MTVG3

Now I also have a jtag or modded xbox 360 (kinda weird habit I know)
and the partition structure is quite different
However I've never tried but if those programs worked on a jtag xbox 360 and it dropped the tracks where their supposed to be then I imagine it would work just fine

The problem is the 360 when its in "original xbox mode" doesn't even know the other partitions are there and therefore doesn't see your music

Hope I helped
PS does anyone know where to get mtvg3 samples???
Thanks In advance