infinite desire(rough demo)

Started by Casper AudioGhost, July 03, 2010, 06:33:14 PM

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Casper AudioGhost

hey guys i just made a new track-i got some equalizer issues with this track so i'm gonna have to work on making the sound more uniform but here's my first draft-let me know what u think     casper
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.:DJ Droppin:.

Yep, your classic arps/structure and catchy melodies that has always been your trademark. Nice synths, percussion, and beat. Good separation of notes/panning. A classic Casper track.
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Like this very much!
Actually reminds me a bit of Orbital's "Lush".
I like that main melody.

Nice beat too, but personally not too keen on the hihat percussion - it's a little too commercial for a track that otherwise sounds quite deep and underground - trippy even! Would sound good with more complex hihats and other percussion, something less conventional if you get me?

But that is just me.
I like it Caspy :D


I agree with RS Conceptions, this could easily pass for an Orbital track (one of my favourite artists of all time).

This has classic Casper stamped all over it, catchy melodies and a cool beat that could just as easily be listened to whilst chilling out or dancing.

Great work again mate.
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Casper AudioGhost

thanks for your comments guys-funny u should mention orbital as i have been mixing chime and halycon a lot lately-i also think i'm being influenced by leftfield and atb(late 90's atb) i had this problem-i'm making my tracks on these crappy headphones that give me a wrong impression of the sound-so i'm adjusting certain parameters pertaining to to the lead sound and it got all out of wack-but at least the project is saved and i can go in and work on it  cheers   casper
RIP Marna Patterson (1947-2009) i love you mom,my music is for you:)
my net label 57 tracks
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Master Dutch

Sick little jam Casper. Everytime I hear your tracks I can hear them being played on some designers runway project. I don't see how you haven't been picked up by some label yet. All of the stuff you post is quality work fitting for commercial use man. 5*


ah I love Halcyon + On + On by Orbital :D
and Leftfield and ATB <3