[DEMO] Not a Number: Aphelion [Djent/Progressive Metal]

Started by Not a Number, February 05, 2011, 09:30:05 PM

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Not a Number

Song name: Aphelion
File type: mp3 (SoundCloud)
Length: 9:24 (as of 2011-06-22)
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9

Chaos. Utter chaos. Timing-wise, that is.
Time signatures for current version:
00:00-00:49 :: continuous loop of 3x 13/16, 1x 7/8
00:49-01:30 :: alternates between 4/4, 9/8 (or 7/8, 5/4)
01:30-01:40 :: 13/8
01:40-02:15 :: 6/8 (finally, something in a regular time-signature)
02:15-02:31 :: 13/8
02:31-02:51 :: alternates between 4/4, 9/8 (or 7/8, 5/4)
02:51-03:56 :: 6/8
03:56-07:00 :: 4/4
07:00-07:31 :: 4/4 (19/16 polyrhythm)
07:31-08:59 :: 4/4
08:59-09:24 :: alternates between 5/8, 7/8


Demo 2011/03/09
Demo 2011/02/02

There are a few things I need to do before this is finally complete.
A friend suggested I use a lower key/tuning, but alas, my guitar can only go down as far as D (it being a 6-string, and left-handed 7-string electrics are expensive)

Not a Number


I know your mapping out the structure and where all the pieces of this jigsaw should fit but from what I've heard it sounds like you've got something epic on your hands , once you've layed down some guitars , bass and the long process of the drums cause the timing is complete madness...I don't envy the task of having to write that drums to this...though if pressured I've probably go for the " Fear Factory " method and completely follow the guitar ... no matter how off-time or off putting it sounds lol .
But this was awesome , gave me a inkling for what your planning with this bad boy...let me know when you've finished it. 

.:DJ Droppin:.

Damn.... Nice clean work on the riffs. Very catchy nice percussion and drums.
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Not a Number

Update 2011/06/20

Finally put my own guitar to it. About 90% done, this track.

Not a Number


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