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Started by ::CMG (UTOPIA)::, March 30, 2011, 01:52:06 AM

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Fear 2 Stop®

Cool opening! For some reason it made me think of Kim Wilde's version of "You Keep me Hangin' On" in the 1980s....mean that in a good way. Good beat, and the separation between the instruments worked out good. Repetitive yes, but also very catchy.

Keep up the good work!
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Listening -

Already liking the chord progression. Melodys in...very nice its got this amazingly chilled laid feel to it. Oo extra helping of Synths @ 1:36 liking the build on it. LOVE the other synth @ 2:08 ...just gives it that extra helping of awesomeness. The change up of the beat @ 2:40 just sounds brilliant.

That was really well done mate , I am in no way a fan of Usher (cept when drug and "Yeah" comes on) but that was brilliant.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Straight up club banger right here.... I can picture it... Entire place jumping.. then this track comes on. New level of energy bursts through the club..... Real nice structured track here.
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