Grey Area, by White Origins

Started by RSCONCEPTIONS©, August 18, 2010, 08:18:47 PM

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"Grey Area" by White Origins
"This album is designed with the intention of creating a space in which you can become in touch with yourself. Stop, Listen, Be."
ambient; electronic; chillout. MADE USING [fruityloops 9, music 2000, audacity]

...listing the pieces...

1 - "99"
At a tempo of 99 BPM, however this is redundant since there are no beats or even a rhythm
Like relaxing on bubbles while your skin sips the sea
>> waves, whales, bubbly sounds, pad and dolphins from MUSIC 2000

2 - "Firelight"
The first piece I ever made and the only piece I put on iTunes
entrancing and enchanting, like a flame

3 - "The Inertia Of A Calm Evening"
Inspired by sitting in my living room looking out at a dusky evening and witnessing that the only movement was the trees gently swaying in the wind in the distance
Meditative but very deep
>> vinyl, distant vocal cries, sfx and drums from MUSIC 2000

4 - "Untitled (You Name It)"
Originally a much more upbeat, shorter piece with drums and much other percussion; anything but Ambient - eventually stripped of all that to become this
Coloured emotions
>> sfx from MUSIC 2000

5 - "Small World"
Inspired by the kinds Chillout music found on classic albums such as "Chilled Euphoria" and "The Very Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes Breakdown"
Like a Sanctuary of Life, epic
>> twilight pad, dolphins, hihat, snare, bongo, white noise, boom echo, sweeping sfx from MUSIC 2000

6 - "Essence Gardens"
Originally intended to be a VERY electronic Techno track with distortion pasted all over the drums. It then became my first attempt at an electronic version of Classical
Pretty, natural and lovely
>> birds from MUSIC 2000

7 - "Subtle"
Originally was supposed to include drums and such, but I changed my mind. Piano inspired by dZihan and Kamien's "Homebase"
Charming; Sublime; and so slow it makes you feel like even if you were standing still this piece would still be telling you to slow down and wait for it
>> bass from MUSIC 2000

8 - "What Do You See?"
Many people have said it sounds Oriental

Inhale it, there -----< (from 2009)
Materialise it, where -----< (from 2010)
White Origins, aka RSCONCEPTIONS

DJ Eddy

All i can say really is totally pro stuff.
This is just outstanding chillout music with loads of great sounds.
Id have to say Essence Garden was my favorite, That piano was just brilliant.
Everything sounds so clear and beautiful.
I could just chillout and listen to this all day.

Top work m8.....10/10


Wow thank you so much!!
:D I truly appreciate your comments Eddy!

.:DJ Droppin:.

I know I have heard a few or all of these songs before, but I need to become familiarized with them again.

99 - A nice intro.... Calming if not soothing. Use of samples is great. I like the subtlety of it all.

Firelight - Wow the pads just grab you, so immense. I love the atmosphere created. An absolutely beautiful composition.

The Inertia Of A Calm Evening - Even more relaxing. Enjoyable piano and perfect placement of it.

Untitled (You Name It) - To me this one was quite thought provoking as I listened to it. I felt it enter the center of my core, my being. I like the "distant" dreamy melodies in the background too. Very powerful song. I name this "The Bliss of the Soul" because it pulls you into it, with meaning and purpose.

Small World - Very chilled. LOVE the synths after 4:00 just so timed, they fit so well.

Essence Gardens - Wow... The piano, then how you .... the harmony created. Wow just wow. With the subtle pads. Incredible. 1:40 and ... Yeah. I'm kind of speechless. A remarkable experience into the aural realm.

Subtle - Oooo more piano. I picture a large, cascading waterfall. Clouds lazily floating by in the sky. There is nothing but peace here, peace for miles, hundred of miles, thousands of miles. Is this a dream?

What Do You See? - A trip to the far east here. Nothing is the same, but yet everything is the same. It is becoming late, night has fallen. I see fireflies by the dozens dancing in the sky as the villagers watch, not making a sound. It is as if a ritual is taking place.

Tremendous album. A collection of gems, relaxation, peacefulness. Sounds that sooth the mind, calm the soul, and allow the listener full entrance into the world you create from song to song. A truly outstanding and class collection of compositions. Thanks for posting.
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Woooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!! Thanks Rob for such a detailed track-by-track review! I truly appreciate such positive comments! Thanks man.

Thanks for giving your own name to Untitled - I've decided I am going to keep a collection of all the names people give it on my website. I too think this track gets "inside" you.
It is so interesting how well Essence Gardens has gone down considering it is probably my least favourite track lol.
And you too think What Do You See? sounds oriental! So interesting - this was not intentional when I made it, but I like it and I actually agree.
Is Subtle a dream? Probably since it is so lazy it made you unconscious!

I am glad you got a lot of your own images!! This album is designed to leave you to your own thoughts!
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you again for such a great review! I might have to start colllecting samples of peoples reviews and adding them to my site in a Press type promotion thing :P

Thank you again Rob, so much!!


Sacred Virgo

this album would deserve an in depth review, but i couldn't say nothing more that's already been said...the entire album is soothing and full of grace, the production is flawless. i have to say that Essence Garden is the most remarkable track to me, a true gem (thanks again for showing me the potential of FL Keys long ago ;) )


Wow thank you Sacred...full of grace...that is a nice compliment! Thankus!!

I love how everyone loves Essence Gardens so much when it is my least favorite!
Thanks again Virgo!!!


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I'm definitely going to take the time to download it and give it the full review it deserves.
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