Seb@s - Juump !!!

Started by Seb@s, June 28, 2011, 01:59:51 PM

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here it is.

Title : Juump !!!
Date : 06/2011
Genre : ... Euro Techno ??
Duration : 3m 53s
Samples : no (all done with Music2000 sounds)

DJ Eddy

yo welcome to timgul. Love the track, that main melody is amazing, the bit where it kicks in at around 1.10 was amazing. Had me bopping along cause iI used to listen to this style of music. Cant wait to hear more from you.......THNX.


thanks DJ Eddy.  :)

i have planned nothing, no special melody in mind.
i firstly done the beat (hit-kick-clap) , i did the complete jumpy melody after (the one fading-in in the begin of the track) and the bass-line.
<i have cloned the song at this point, it evolved differently, the jumpy sound is not there, replaced by an old Dance synth (i worked a few hours on it yet) a kind of alternate of Juump !!!, let me know if you want to listen, but i don't know if i am satisfied with it to share it as it is actually... maybe later>

Music is just an alchemy of sounds, sometimes you find an alchemy & i think here it's a very catchy Music (BPM maybe a bit fast).
also when i found more sounds to add, i played with the riffs, fade & pan (pan is very important for the dynamism of your track, never underestimate it, a track w/o left-right effect is not really finished).

i could upload the Version 1 of the track if you want it (a bit slower, 133 BPM if i am right) but there is less sounds, less effects & there is not a big difference with the build of the track ...
let me know...

maybe the next time , my composition will not be so great as this Title is  :-\.

wait & see  ???, heu listen, listen !

added the MP3 version of the track.