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Started by Seipher, January 23, 2009, 08:10:16 PM

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Yo peeps, just uploaded a new tune, would love to hear what you guys think, spent quite a while on it but i still feel it needs a bit more work thouhg i just wanted to get it out there cause i was getting fedup with it lol

No Hope Remix v2



Edit: Here is a slightly different version


 :DLovin it ,Youve got a way with beats!!! Im still movin after its finished Lol!!.Like the pads with the vocal samples,And then after the First drop where the bass switches,Quality...I think i recognize the first bass sample after the first drop,Didn't you use that in Just Drums n Bass?


Thanks dude, glad you liked it, not sure it might be the same one, it does sound similar, ill have to check, i hardly use vocals in my tunes but thought id give it a try hehe (after listening to your whale tune with that lady humming or something, inspired me to try it lol)


That is some serious badass bass!
The start is cool, quite trancy then thunders into the darker bit. It works really well.
Top work.
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.


Thanks for the comments guys, makes it all worthwhile lol

just tried to upload some mp3 from this tune on here but it still doesnt work for me, never has for some reason, might upload them on youtube at some point, they are just basically different variations/stages this tune has gone through to what it is now. oh well

crimzon doom

 ;D bad azz man truthfuly i really liked the intro top job.....mp3 please  :)would love to put this on a cd
\\\\\\\"citius altius fortius\\\\\\\"


seipher is the king of beats... and that bass is just rocking, my fav from you... 5 star production, can see myself getting really fucked up to this!


that was fucking wicked mate, really wicked DnB, bass was mad, beats where cool as hell, love it, its got awesome movement,your beats are fucked up dude! 10/10

much love quade

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