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B - ambient

Started by pillagemyvillage, June 27, 2009, 12:26:12 pm

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my first attempt at some ambient breaks style tune...

ok i m never gonna touch someone like dark bliss in this area, but i want to try new styles and i like the nice, flowing, happy melody in this...
im a little nervous as to what sort of reaction i'll get as like i said, ive never tried to compose anything like this style...

oh well, i hope you enjoy  :)



lol you ruthless errol, if it sounds anything like the mighty bliss then im happy lol!


this is an awesome bit of work mate, you have defo got more feathers to your cap with this tune, not just a one trick pony, defo the kind of thing Darkbliss used to bless us with,  and have to say this is on par with some of bliss's best stuff. just everything about this track is great, amazing strings, so well put together, the riffs are excellent, the feel of the tune, im quite stoned as i speak smoked a nice spliff about 10 mins ago and this tune is spot on for my mood, what would happen if you took the bpm up and put in a trance beat. changed the bass, ? like to hear what that would sound like, trance remix, pilaage, B - ambient, adam, errol this tune is the fucking bollox mate. 10/10 all the way,

by the way you heard johnp , he has got some wicked tracks now too,


thanks errol. it was really hard not to put in a 4/4 beat lol! quite pleased with the outcome, nice chords in there...
if you're stoned then this would be pretty much perfect!


oh yeah and john p is the nuts, cant wait to check his other stuff!


Jesus....I`m speachless.

This is without a doubt my favourite track ever in the history of TIMGUL.

Pillage, you`ve gotta know that this is pure genius, it`s so beautiful. You`ve really made my day with this tune mate, simply amazing, you`re one talented motherfecker!
"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012



wow thanks bliss, thats a massive compliment coming from you! your fav ever tune on timgul!? wow!

i made this with you in mind believe me!


oh errol, you're so ruthless


thanks nak, it was a nice change of pace compared to the 4/4 style... it was really hard not to put in a 4/4 beat though, im addicted lol!
the sample youre talking about is from the vocal section 'ahh 1' or something like that. it works really well as a pad!


August 20, 2009, 11:07:15 pm #10 Last Edit: August 20, 2009, 11:14:27 pm by rikki-inside
OH MY GOD! Amazing!!!!!!

The "blippy" melody at the start reminded me majorly of some of BT's work. Then the drums blew me away and I thought "Chicane!!!!". And yet it's very much your own style. Very nice!!! I love the happy/uplifting melody! I am a sucker for happy songs and this hits the spot perfectly.

PillageMyVillage: You have only one feeling to feel about this song - PRIDE!!!!!

The pads... the various melodies... the drums... the atmospheres... the mood........ all of it....


Thank you for bringing this into the world!

[EDIT] I could, without a doubt, here this on one of those classic Euphoric Chillout Breakdown albums alongside the likes of:

Energy 52's "Cafe del Mar (Michael Woods Remix)" and
Solar Stone's "Seven Cities (Ambient Dub)" and
Lustral's "Everytime (Way Out West's Sunrise Mix)".


Sacred Virgo

when this came out, i listened it immediately but i never left a comment about it. my bad.
well there's really not much to say about this song. we're just in the presence of an absolute masterpiece, one of the most majestic works of art made with the MG software, ever. the result of superior technical skills, inspiration and talent.
i'm not sure if this can be considered the best song ever on here but surely it is very close. probably in my personal top 5.
this is one of the songs that make me proud just for being a part of this community.


hey chaps thanks a lot for the comments they blew me away! :) sorry for not being about, i have no computer which means i cant chat and listen to songs :( all i get is stolen moments on a broken computer lol! yeah this track is very different for me, but its something i will pursue in the future for sure! thanks again.

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