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Pocketsize Starfights

Started by Shellshaka, July 01, 2009, 10:35:46 am

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Sacred Virgo

Album: Esperanza - Clockwork

Track Number: 5

Year: 2004 - 2009

youtube link:


Unforgotten Village Idiot

Listening to it right now. I love the piano and all the fx you put into it. Sounds very spacy. And trippy. O.o  haha

Good job.
I am The Unforgotten.

Sacred Virgo

thanks for listening. all the sfx are from music3000. not the reverb, of course. but how can you listen to this song with your broken $150 headphones?  ;)

Unforgotten Village Idiot

my blown speakers.  ;)
pay attention. haha
I am The Unforgotten.


Very nice! Reminds me a little of 'Waiting for Cousteau' from Jarre. Lot's of weird effects but it sounds very good.
It's not about what you have but what you can do with it!

Sacred Virgo

August 23, 2009, 08:31:58 am #5 Last Edit: August 23, 2009, 08:35:11 am by Shellshaka
sure, i'll post it for you. here it is. oh, and don't forget this is from one of my (too many) WIP records, so it is a WIP itself. i do not expect to modify it too much though

Sacred Virgo

August 23, 2009, 02:41:09 pm #6 Last Edit: August 23, 2009, 02:48:13 pm by Shellshaka
i see you're downloading lots of stuff these days. man, i can't wait to see your reply in the thread 'best songs from timgul members'...(as well as replies by other members of course....*coughs*  ;D)

as i told in an old topic
the nickname shellshaka is something i don't like anymore.. it sounded cool to me some time ago but it doesn't really mean much.
'sacred virgo' ('sacrovirgo' in italian) is an old nickname of mine that means much to me. somehow i feel that it is connected with my current way and style of making music, also with my personality. 'mystical and ethereal', rather than 'cool and aggressive', if you know what i mean. back in the days i dreamed about being the coolest deejay/producer of electronic music ever. nowadays i'd prefer to be considered a 'musician' instead of a 'producer'. also my sources of inspiration changed a lot over time. for example when i first started using music2000 i never thought that i'd be able to make rpg music with that. i started creating mostly dance stuff. now that i prefer to produce ambient, downtempo, rpg-like music, i feel that my good old nickname sacrovirgo suits much more my music as well as my spirit and personality. so this song is officially sacred virgo's stuff.

okay, sorry, enough with the ramblings  ;D


Gorgeous start, very dreamy with a hint of sci-fi, suits the Youtube image perfectly.

Shell this is pure beauty, a gorgeous, hypnotic piece and in my opinion you rival the likes of Vangelis with your musical talent.

You are a master.
"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012


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