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spacekid - land of sand

Started by spacekid890, January 22, 2008, 06:39:42 pm

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i really like your slower work. again very soundtrack like. with the chords i just want to add shit loads of reverb and make a trance track! consistently good! nice 1


cheers for the coments. how do you add the reverb i try but i think i must be doing it wrong coz it sounds the same.


the reverb is found with  the bpm and volume in the corner. there is hall, (default) space, studio abc, echo and delay. i choose space to create epic sounds.
once ive selected space i change the amount to around 40/50.
then select a sample and place in the riff editor. you have to activate the reverb on that note. i cant really remember how to do that in music2000 as i mainly use mtvmg2.
but i think... the row of red digits (around the note effects and note envelope boxes) stand for the note. if you select the first red digit, click and change it to yellow you should have reverb on the note..?
forgive me if thats wrong as i havent used music2000 for a while.
the amount of reverb can be changed back at the track bpm and volume section.
your chords with lots of reverb especially space would sound awesome!
if im wrong consult omnimaga!  :P  


thanks mate will try next time im on m2000. ive posted the notes for coming home on youtube for ya. :D  


thats awesome i will try and do the great track justice! i'll let you know how i get on :D  

.:DJ Droppin:.

Nice one. Slower and it fits this song well. I like the organs, slow kick beat, and piano.
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