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renegades of timgul 6 - waves of hope and promise mixed by casper on virtual dj

Started by Casper AudioGhost, October 22, 2009, 07:35:03 pm

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Casper AudioGhost

new dj mix for all u will make another one soon as there are tons of songs-ppl have not really been talking to me and pretty much ignoring my music so i hope that this mix will please some people and make me likeable again            casper
renegades of timgul-waves of promise and hope
1.blonde justice-megatallica
2.dark bilss-in my dreams i see a polygon girl
3.john p-electrostatic
4.spacekid-it's coming
5.rikki music-cornwall
6.john p-resonate
7.sacred virgo-heavenly wings
8.nakamura-escaping the darkness
9.sacred virgo-loto
11.dj droppin-the matrix(bass world)
13 audioghost-gateway 12
14.dj droppin-escape to paradise
15.audioghost-break it down
17.dj ryznup vs keithsonic-malicious men
18.grebz-control 99
19.the lyricist-will smith one arrows and alien
20.audioghost=shooter(brokenbeat remix)

http://www.mediafire.com/file/d2et2imlumj/renegades of tmgul-waves of promise and hope.mp3

Casper AudioGhost

well i only got 80 mins so i can't put everyone in every mix but there are a lotta songs so i will make another but if ppl wont listen to my music anymore i'm going to forget this site and move on because i have posted 25+ songs in the last few weeks and mostly noone cares it's hard coming here everyday and feeling like people hold a grudge against you-anyway i hope all of u like my mix and if yall want me to i'll make more  casper

Casper AudioGhost

link is now posted-i plan to do another very soon so pm me if u would like me to include a specific song on it
i would do these mixes all the time if people wanted me to  peace casper

Sacred Virgo

i like a lot your mixes casper. about your songs, i haven't commented them lately because i already listened most of them. personally i like most of them. i'd like you to post again your old mixes too, as i haven't had the chance to listen the older ones

Casper AudioGhost

my old mixes are gone i thought i was banned so i deleted them.it seemed like i was hated by many here and i only have a 40 gb hd and i go without food a few days a month to afford internet so even seeing those mixes on my hard drive was very painful for me   casper

Sacred Virgo

i finished listening to it. this is your best mix, way more pro than the previous ones and with a nice selection of the newest timgul tracks.

btw i'd like to hear your third dj mix

Casper AudioGhost

ty all for listeng:) and thz tertiary for getting thos links:)    casper

Casper AudioGhost

Season 8

I like this mix man, very well done, great the way they all match, would love to hear some more

Sacred Virgo

the one i was looking for is "renegades of timgul vol.3".

EDIT: moved it to the dj mixes section. i guess this is vol.6, right?

Casper AudioGhost

thanks  virgo for moving my mix:)yes it's volume 6 if ur keeping track but u have to understand my life hasn't been business as usual like u guys so for me to even try doing these mixes feeling like my music is dismissed as crap because i don't focus on any technical stuff really like most of u all i care about is a groove and a melody which to me are my saving grace-----so all i do now is a fresh start for me
i'm really glad u guys like what i have done please someone comment on some of my songs i feel like a loser ok   peace casper

Season 8

Look dude, don't let that thought get into your head, I have listened to Shooter on the end of this mix a lot of times and if I knew where the link was I would comment! It's an excellent tune man

Casper AudioGhost

renegades of timgul vol3 like u requested virgo reposted
http://www.mediafire.com/file/gemvzymdoji/Renegades ofTIMGUL 3( mixed by casper.mp3
sorry i do not have a track list fpr this      casper

DJ Ryznup

Another Great Renegades pf Timgul Mix! This was a great to help me get caught up on all the music I've missed since I've been inactive for a while. A lot of great tracks in this one! Awesome job!

And yeah like Lyricist said, don't let those thoughts get into your head. Your a great artist here at timgul and create too good of music to let technical snobs get you down. All the artist here are great and we all bring something new to the table with our own individual styles of music creation. And almost everyone here created music for the joy of doing it way before this site even existed. So just remember that feeling of enjoying to create music rather than what your thinking and feeling when you think your not being heard. Or better yet, use those feelings as inspiration to make more music through the expressive therapy that is music creation. And then post it for us to hear of course :).

With that said I still have to get caught up on the tracks you uploaded recently(as well as music from others) as far as the ones I haven't heard yet goes. Which I will be doing soon ;).

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."

Casper AudioGhost

thanks rynup n lyricist yeah i do love music with all my heart and i want to share it and collaborate and inspire thanks very much:D     casper

.:DJ Droppin:.

I just now listened to this latest mix. SUPERB!

I absolutely love hearing all of our talent collectively displayed like this. You get a real sense of the wide genres and various styles we all have. You begin to understand how immensely gifted we are all. We truly are. We are elite there's no one else in the World doing what we do! Yeah maybe we don't have record deals, maybe we aren't making much profit off of our creations, but I take great pride in knowing I am a part of this group/family here.... A real sense of personal accomplishment and success. Pride in knowing that we give the World raw music, new perspectives of what we want people to hear, of what we see in the blueprint of our mind, and that no one else is doing it like we are.

As always Casper excellent mix I really like the selection of songs and how you recorded/mixed/blended them. I'm honored to have 2 songs on here. It's just a bummer I hadn't released my "Searching For Life" as I feel that is my best song ever.

Looking forward to the next mix already!
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Fear 2 StopĀ®

Will check it out shortly.

And, I could never ignore your new music (although I know the feeling!)...you're way too talented for that.
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Season 8

Hey Casper if you want a collab I was thinking of doing a collab album with me and various TIMGUL members and see what sounds we come up with if you're game?

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