Swampfoot: Sincil Drain (alphaSYMBOLIC edit)

Started by Not a Number, November 11, 2009, 07:40:16 PM

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Not a Number

Behold the first track under alphaSYMBOLIC!

Song name: Sincil Drain (alphaSYMBOLIC edit)
File type: mp3 (attached)
Length: 2:16
Software used: Logic Pro 8
Story goes as this:
Couple weeks or so ago at college we were given the raw Project file for a hip-hop track produced at college. Our task was simple: To cut down the song from 4:37 to as close to 2:00 as possible, as well as make it radio friendly - take out any swearing/other inapproriate language.
This was my result.
Bit of an interpretation on this one: The chorus you hear in this version is actually the Pre-chorus in the original (the chorus in the original is the bridge/third_verse in this version)
One minor thing that I'm really proud of in this song is at 1:14 - the line you hear, I had changed to "In the place with the rogues / with their nose full of.. pain"; the original line was "In the place with the rogues / with their nose full of cocaine" (though personally, I keep hearing "propane" in place of "cocaine"...)

Also, for those not in the know, "alphaSYMBOLIC" is just another name I use, simply to keep any track I wish to keep seperate from "Not a Number", ...seperate. :P

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