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Mad World

Started by jonnermj1, November 04, 2007, 09:10:50 pm

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:P Im not sure who sang this originally but it made NO. 1 in the U.K and was played constantly on the Radio at Christmas.  So when a tune sticks in your head I had no choice but to it through music 2000.

147 crew

Got this tune in one of my playlists, this sounds great, bit strange at first but the middle, (without the piano,) sounds truly awesome..be nice with the lyrics over it..Wicked


yeah i wasnt too sure of this tune at first myself but when i got further in to it the melody kind of took me.  i wish i would of done without piano with something else instead cheers

Casper AudioGhost

very cool this was originally done by tears for fears and later by gary jules-i know the words very well and have done it in karaoke elexellent cover:)  casper

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